May 27, 2020

Citrix Workspace: A Comprehensive Employee Engagement Software

Citrix Workspace is an advanced employee engagement software that offers users access to a number of useful features. With Citrix, hiring managers and HR personnel can power flexible and smart ways to work. This platform enables employees to perform at their best capacity. Citrix Workspace redefines the meaning of working better.

The key features of Citrix Workspace Employee Engagement Software are outlined below.

  1. Reliable Connectivity: Citrix Workspace offers a stable and highly reliable platform that can connect with different network types, thereby ensuring seamless employee engagement regardless of infrastructure. Its inbuilt security features restrict unauthorized access by users without the needed permissions.
  2. Cloud Compatibility: HR personnel can make full use of Citrix’s optimal cloud mechanism to store data, connect to remote nodes, and for other applications. In case remote troubleshooting is required, this platform allows remote machines to be accessed for configuration and problem-solving.
  3. User-friendly Platform: This customizable and user-friendly platform helps HR achieve a number of employee engagement goals. With Citrix, users can apply different policies and settings to enhance employee belongingness within the organization.
  4. Apt Automation: This software automates workflows and reduces the number of swipes, clicks, and logins required to create a truly engaging employee experience. It streamlines routine HR tasks and helps employees find the needed resources with ease.
  5. Helpful Guidance: Citrix Workspace allows user-initiated and event-driven employee engagement tasks that are both relevant and personalized. It automates tasks that are repetitive in nature with the help of a built-in virtual assistant.
  6. Citrix Workspace Pricing: Workspace offers three pricing options: Workspace Standard, Workspace Premium, and Workspace Premium Plus. The price depends on the number of users and other factors, and more details can be found on the company’s official website. There is no free trial available for Citrix Workspace.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software enables companies to collect and manage feedback from their employees, recognize and felicitate employee achievements, and promote a positive work environment. HR managers leverage employee engagement solutions to derive actionable insights from employee feedback. With employee engagement software, users can study employee sentiment, promote useful activities that benefit employee health & wellness, and recognize employee success.

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