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With every growing field of Data Science, one of the most important and majorly used fields is Machine Learning (ML). This latest technology unfolds features of Artificial Intelligence that enable systems to automatically grasp and improve through experience and not from explicit programs. Its purpose is to observe certain patterns in the data, provide better and advanced solutions and make suitable decisions in the future based on the existing information. In fact, the industries are revolving around machine learning and AI and always try to build new and improved algorithms to overcome any previous issue.
Machine Learning AlgorithmsJust like the use of machine learning is infinite, there is absolutely no shortage of related algorithms. There exist various algorithms ranging from simple to highly complex ones. Most algorithms are based on the fact that they try to find any relation between one or more variables and make future predictions based on the derived data. Some of the most commonly used algorithms are:Decision trees: These models or algorithms utilize observations and information about particular actions and based on that derive a suitable path or solution to reach the desired outcome.Neural Networks: These are the deep learning models that require a good amount of training data to find a relation between variables in order to process new data in the future. K-means Clustering: This model is used to combine certain data points into a number of groupings depending on their characteristicsReinforcement Learning: This model is somewhat based on hit and trial method. In this, many attempts are iterated over and over again to reach the final outcome. The steps that derive required outcomes are kept while the other steps that produce unwanted outcomes are discarded. 
Future of Machine LearningSmart, deep, and advanced learning models are solutions to every problem in the modern world. Considering the use of ML in the current situation, it is one of the most powerful technologies which has created an infinite number of applications. Data preparation, data collection, building models, training data models and data sets, and application deployment are common tasks of machine learning. The growing importance of machine learning in terms of business operations and AI developing as a more practical aspect, the ML platform struggle will only escalate. Research has been ongoing in both ML and AI so that more generalized applications can be created. Continuous struggles are being made in order to build and update new, improved and more flexible models to get optimal solutions in the future. Currently, models based on AI need extensive training to deduce an algorithm that is more optimized to complete one task or another. But researchers are thinking of ways to develop more flexible models and the aspects learned from one job can be applied to others, in the future. 
Resource BoxThe present scenario has completely changed after the arrival of Data science with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as its major field. Anyone can get into this profession by opting for a data science course, Malaysia and can mold their future as they desire. 
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