DATA SCIENCE – A New pathway to Globalization

The interaction due to globalization has also resulted in the growth of communication, international trade, social & cultural ideas of people all around the globe. Because there are no boundaries in the current culture, everything has become transparent. Because of the internet & social media, the world has become complicated with the overload of information which means more & more piles of data are added to the large volumes of already existing data. As people around the world are catching up with the speed of the internet, the Department of Statistics in Malaysia is also working hard to collect, interpret & analyze the data generated by Malaysians.

What is Data Science?

Even after reading & hearing a lot about data science, Malaysians are full of skepticism about it. Data science means using various tools & algorithms to extract valuable information from raw data. This raw data is drawn from different channels & platforms like cell phones, search engines, surveys, e-commerce sites, and social media. This large amount of data is structured as well as unstructured, which requires interpretation for valuable purposes. This process is elaborate and time-consuming, hence we need professional data scientists.

Role of Data Scientists in Malaysia

Each company has its way of extracting their data, but who does all of this work? A data scientist is the one who analyzes a huge amount of data into valuable information. Data scientists are attentive to even small details & they love finding solutions to computer-related issues. Data scientists in Malaysia analyze raw data using the most popular analytical tools in the industry like Python, Hadoop, Spark, etc. 

Data Science Courses & Eligibility in Malaysia

Data science is a completely new field of study in Malaysia. Data science courses in Malaysia focus on a case study approach for learning analytics & technology related to data science. Students gain practical skills & are given hands-on experiences with the help of assignments & programs. Students in data science courses are taught how to collect, interpret & analyze the data, which could help the Malaysian companies in intelligent decision making. A career in data science requires an understanding of mathematics & statistics. Students coming from the fields of mathematics, statistics, IT, software or any other related field can apply for this course. Top private universities for data science help in preparing for this course so that you can succeed in your career. If you want to specialize in a particular branch or domain, then you can also opt for data science online training programs.

Why Should You Become a Data Scientist?

The demand for data scientists is on the rise worldwide now, & in the future it is also expected that there will be thousands of job opportunities available globally. According to sources, in Malaysia alone, by the year 2020, the need for data scientist professionals will reach up to 20000. The job demand is very high as well as the salary for qualified professionals in Malaysia. 

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Data science is a vast subject, but with proper skills & knowledge, you can fit into this field perfectly. The post of a data scientist has become the most versatile career option in now. It will help to bring a positive revolution in the country.

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