February 1, 2021

The Beautiful Torment of a Ruined Orgasm

The instructions from Goddess Crystal were clear, to the point and, as I knew well, had to be obeyed. Tomorrow, 1pm, I’m having a ruined O and you will participate.

A ruined O? Cool.

I had heard about the orgasm ruining that Goddess enjoyed doing to her submissive males and females. She’s bring them to a tortuous arousal, deny, tease and stroke their cocks or clits just enough to make them reach orgasm, but taking away the touch so they kept buzzing for hours after.

I was curious to experience the sensation and how she used it to shape their minds. She told me to wear a blouse, tied to enhance my cleavage, a plaid skirt and g-string beneath. The slutty school girl look.

As I bathed that night, soaping my breasts and running my hands along my thighs, I thought about the strange and erotic nature of serving Goddess Crystal. She ran a bustling cosmetics business, had clients who served her in paid domination sessions, and had a stable of lifestyle submissives who she used for her pleasure — and their benefit.

The intensity of her actions made me want to reach for my clit and stroke, but I dare not. I wanted to be aroused for whatever she would have me do during the ruined orgasm session.

I arrived at the appointed time and was welcomed by Dolly, a shapely female submissive who sported jeans that flowed her wide hips or extra short dresses that caught every man’s attention. And she often caught mine.

She led me back to Goddess Crystal’s paneled study with leather couch and a spanking bench. Bound against a far wall was a man totally shrouded in black latex, including a hood and dark glasses fit over his eyes. I had met a few of her male submissives, but I couldn’t tell who this man was at all.

His arms were tied to his side and so were his legs. Only his cock was visible, totally erect and pulsating. Goddess Crystal told me that he would only be able to see a shadow of my shape, just enough to stir his imagination. But he wouldn’t be able to see me with completely clear vision. This would tease him mercilessly.

“Welcome, Victoria, please stand here,” said Goddess Crystal, wearing stilettos and a vinyl dress with bra holding her ample breasts.

She pointed to a mark about three feet in front of the submissive. I had no idea who he was, but I watched his cock twitch and a slight moan came from beneath his hood. He was already in sexual torment.

“Strip, Victoria, as seductively as you can.” Goddess Crystal sat leisurely to one side.

I ran a hand beneath my long hair and another over my tits. She worked with her submissives, individually. Some she denied or ruined their orgasms as punishments. For others, she taught them self-control. But for each it was a lesson tailored to who they were.

My own body and clit was aching for pleasure as I stood so close and yet so far away from this man who was totally encased in latex and unable to move, except for his cock twitching.

I continued my teasing, turning and raising my skirt to reveal my ass, clad only with the strap of a g-string. I faced him again, spread my legs and ran my hands along my pussy, tossing my head back and groaning. I felt free in knowing he wasn’t going to touch me or fuck me, and my only purpose at the moment was to arouse him so completely that he would have to fight to not go crazy.

Goddess Crystal wanted to break him. I could hear him panting as I untied my blouse and let my tits hang freely, swaying while I sashayed my hips and lowered my plaid skirt. His cock was twitching more and more.

“Turn and rub your ass against him,” said Goddess Crystal.

I did so, catching just the tip of his cock in the valley of my ass. I stood up on my tiptoes and slid down, and could nearly hear him screaming and groaning beneath the hood.

This was so fucking fun, I was going into a state of teasing and intoxication.

“Kneel and run your lips along his cock.”

I followed the instruction. I didn’t just kneel. I made sure my ass was out and pronounced so he could take in the shape while I ran my lips slowly up and down.

“Good. Now stop.”

I obeyed. I was naked except for the g-string.


I repeated my lips on his shaft that was now throbbing. He tried writhing, I could tell, but he was bound too tightly. I could hear his panting.

“Now, move your hand slowly up and down the shaft of his cock.”

I did, gripping his cock and moving my warm hand down toward his balls and then up to the head.

“Suck him briefly. But not deeply. Just the tip.”

I obeyed again, although I desperately wanted to take his whole cock in my mouth. I just sucked the tip. He was an object, a fucking miserable object while he trembled in sexual torment.

“Stop. Now lie down with your head just below his penis.”

I obeyed again, eyeing his balls and seeing his cock twitch. I saw what was about to happen.

“Dolly,” said Goddess Crystal. “Stroke him quickly and let go.”

Dolly followed her orders while he stood bound and I lay on the floor. She stroked him rapidly, let go and in moments he groaned loudly, almost painfully and a load of cum shot through the air and dripped onto my tits and tummy.

“Stroke him again.”

Dolly did so again and he groaned from the sensitivity and shot another load.

“Do not move,” Goddess told me. I lay still with semen on my body.

“Stroke him harder and faster,” said Goddess. She was loving the torment. This was his sex and submission to her superiority. He groaned and practically yelped as Dolly handled his now empty cock.

“Let go,” said Goddess, snapping her words in the air.

Dolly let go and his cock was limp.

I knew what was happening. Arousal was speeding through his body but the orgasm was only partial and now he would continue buzzing for minutes and probably hours.

“You may get dressed now,” Goddess said to me. “But do not wash off his come until tomorrow.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

I got up, pulled up my skirt and tied my blouse back on.

“You may pleasure yourself tonight,” she said.

“Thank you, Goddess.” I would need it. My clit was throbbing with what had just happened.

I walked out the door, curious about the submissive and enjoying his torment. I smiled. I may be submissive to Goddess Crystal, but by serving her, I was finding my own taste and enjoyment for dominance.

I drove away, hoping to take part in another ruined orgasm session soon. That was his sex. Tied to a wall, stroked and then made to come without fucking anyone in their body.