Promoters must view

First cooperation

Add my WhatsApp + 8615258725573 and tell me your code:*** I will record it for you. The trial period is from 3 days to 7 days. There is an order in your code. I will contact you to start our cooperation.

All category committees

The commission for all items in my store is 8%. I don't make money for low-priced products, but you earn more from commissions, while cheaper products can sell more than 50 per day.

Cooperation method

We will export the order via Excel, extract your code, calculate the order quantity and calculate the amount.

From your code order, you will receive $0.50 per order and pay the promoters via paypal.

If your code has 10 orders per day, you will get a one-day fee = 10 * 0.5 = $5, which means you can get 5 * 30 = $150 in one month.

Of course, the more orders you have in your code, the more money you get..... Currently one of my promoters has earned a record of $500 for one day.