Advance features for management and operations drives the radio streaming services market

  • Radio streaming services are radio hosting services that enable radio through a server, and listeners can tune in and listen to the radio on the internet.
  • A radio server comprises the radio server software and the hardware located in the server or data center. The data center requires expertise connection to specialized high-speed networks, and the hosting provider has to pay to maintain them.
  • When a listener tunes to the radio via radio streaming service, the information has to pass from server to the streaming provider, then through some other networks, via several internet exchange points.
  • Web radio is hosted on servers which can then be accessed by listeners irrespective of time or location; this is the biggest advantage of radio streaming services.
  • Radio streaming services are gaining popularity as radio stations are limited to a specific region or country. Users can listen to a radio of any country or region with the help of stream hosting service.

Advance features for management and operations drives the radio streaming services market

  • Radio streaming services have a management console which helps to manage the three service types: Shoutcast, Icecast, and Streamcast as per requirement.

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  • Some radio streaming services also provide in-house stream management consoles.
  • The servers and the sites are secured with SSL in order to protect it from any intrusion.
  • Auto DJ mode is also supported by the radio streaming service by enabling auto DJ servers.
  • Auto DJ is a program installed on a server that enables uploading of music autonomously.

High latency issues might restrain the radio streaming services market

  • Latency represents the time taken for a request to get transferred to the server and information back.
  • If radio streaming service from Europe is streamed by a user in North America, packets of information have to travel to and from the user’s location to the server location.
  • It might take extra time for packets to make a round trip to Europe compared to streaming from a radio server located in North America.
  • High latency causes buffering in a radio stream. When the radio player buffers, it stops playing music, as it waits to receive enough audio to resume playback.