Slip Rings Market - Competitive Dynamics, Trends, Forecast 2027

Slip rings are also known as rotary electrical joint, electric collector or swivel. Slip rings are used to transmit power and electrical signals from a stationary to rotating structure in an electromechanical device. Slip rings are increasingly being utilized to improve mechanical performance, streamline system operations, and eliminate damage prone wires from movable joints. These rings can be customized as per requirement. Thus, these rings are extensively employed in various sectors such as marine, wind turbines, industrial, aerospace, and defense.

As slip rings work for the Ethernet transmission, contactless transmission, and high current transmission with low maintenance, its quality determines the efficiency or performance of the system. Extensive utilization of slip rings in diverse industries such as steel, wind, marine, aerospace, elevator, solar, mobile, , and packaging offers significant opportunity to the slip rings market.

Slip Rings Market – Competitive Landscape

Moog Inc.

Founded in 1951, Moog Inc. is currently based in Elma, New York, U.S. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of systems integrator for precision motion and fluid control systems for various applications in aerospace and defense and industrial sectors. Moog Inc. operates through the following business segments: space and defense controls; aircraft controls; and industrial systems. The company offers wide range of aircraft controls, space and defense controls, and industrial systems and components. The company operates through manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., the Philippines, Italy, Germany, China, India, Brazil, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Japan. It has business operations across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Schleifring GmbH

Incorporated in 1974, Schleifring GmbH is based in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bayern, Germany. The company engages in the development, production, and sale of slip ring systems, wave-guide rotary joints, optical rotary joints, and contactless signal and power transmission. It offers modular slip ring systems, hybrid slip rings, coaxial slip rings, free inner bore, and open systems.

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Cobham Plc

Established in 1934, Cobham Plc is based in Wimborne Minster, U.K. The company offers solutions to problems across commercial, defense, and security sectors. It operates through the following segments: communications and connectivity, mission systems, aviation services, advanced electronic solutions, and head office and other activities. The company’s services include aviation services; law enforcement and national security solutions; and motion control solutions. Cobham has operations across Europe and the Americas.


Founded in 1912, STEMMANN-TECHNIK is based in Schüttorf, Lower Saxony, Germany. The company specializes in the manufacture of systems and components for energy and data transfer in industrial and transport technology. STEMMANN-TECHNIK GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation.


Incorporated in 1937, MERSEN is presently based in Paris, France. It provides materials and solutions for extreme environments as well as in the safety and reliability of electrical equipment. The company designs innovative solutions to cater to its client's specific needs in order to enable them to optimize their manufacturing processes in diverse sectors such as energy, transportation, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and process industries. The company operates through two business segments: advanced materials and technologies and electrical components and technologies.

Other significant players operating in the slip rings market are United Equipment Accessories, Inc, Conductix-Wampfler, Rotac Co. Ltd., Michigan Scientific Corporation, NSD Corporation, Electro-Miniatures Corporation, and Alpha Slip Rings, Inc.

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Slip Rings Market - Dynamics

Innovation of wireless slip rings

Expansion of the slip rings market can be attributed to the innovation of wireless slip rings, which are increasingly being adopted by users due to several technological advantages they offer over electromechanical slip rings. Major advantages of these wireless slip rings include unlimited revolutions per minute (RPM), 360° continuous rotation, increased uptime and reliability, plug-and-play retrofit system, and reduced total cost of ownership. These newly designed wireless slip rings deliver higher efficacy in the transmission of electrical and power signals and can supply power signals to rotating and highly mobile industrial equipment. These rings are less expensive as compared to other slip rings and are a perfect alternative to their mechanical counterparts. Hence, development of wireless slip rings is expected to boost the slip rings market in the near future.