Kraft Paper Cups Market - Competitive Dynamics and Global Industry Outlook 2028

The foodservice sector is supposed to witness lucrative innovation and investment opportunities during the next couple of years. Amidst the ‘go-green’ trend, wherein switching to environmentally friendly serving options are more than a business strategy. Kraft paper cups are unbleached paper cups with minimum chlorine content. Kraft paper cups are suitable for beverages with temperature up to 200 degree Fahrenheit. The growth of kraft paper cups is driven by the growing demands from food and beverages industries. Apart from these, kraft paper cups offers ease of use for end users.

These cups are lightweight and can be disposed with ease. Due to the reliability and hygiene of kraft paper cups, they are preferred by food service outlets owing to the ban on plastic based products by several countries, resulting in rising demand for such alternatives. The base paper for kraft paper cups is unbleached paper board and they are manufactured on specialized multi-layered ply paper machines. The paper used for manufacturing kraft paper cups should have a sturdy wet-sizing and must be stiff. The outlook for the global kraft paper cups market is expected to be positive during the next decade owing to the rising awareness towards the use of non-plastic and biodegradable products.

Kraft Paper Cups Market: Dynamics

The fast food service outlets, restaurants, coffee shops, and various other beverage outlets are some of the foremost consumers of the kraft paper cups. Kraft paper cups are manufactured in order to minimize the chlorine content. Manufacturers and brand owners are not just replacing plastic linings and foams with plant-based products, but it is also being used to shape their brand.

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These factors are expected to drive the global kraft paper cups market during the forecast period. The rising installations of vending machines at multiple places is expected to drive the demand for kraft paper cups. Besides, kraft paper cups are available in different sizes in the market and can be tailor-made as per the requirement.

The places where reusable cups are not a feasible option such as institutes, kraft paper cups are supposed to be an optimum choice. Kraft paper cups possess excellent printability and aesthetics graphics printing on cups enhance brand credibility. These factors are supposed to fuel the kraft paper market during the next decade. The factor which might hamper the growth of kraft paper cups market is the continuous use of plastic cups which offers several advantages over kraft paper cups such as water resistivity, possess high-temperature range and others. Overall the market for kraft paper cups is supposed to witness lucrative growth opportunities.

In the developed economies of North America and Europe, the majority of public places and institutes are equipped with vending machines which offer beverages and snacks to people where paper cups are used for the service. The U.S. is supposed to be the major consumer of kraft paper cups during the next decade owing to higher consumption of beverages in the region.

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Countries such as France, Germany and some other countries in Europe banned the use of plastics. Hence, this factor gives rise to the demand for the paper cups market during the forecast period. China and India are expected to witness lucrative growth in the kraft paper cups market during the forecast period.

Kraft Paper Cups Market: Key Players

Some of the leading players operating in the global Kraft Paper Cups market are:

  • Dart Container Corporation
  • Paper Cup Company
  • Lollicup USA, Inc.
  • Huhtamäki Oyj
  • Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Good Start Packaging
  • YesPac, Inc.