Release Liner Market to Reach Valuation of ~US$ 17 Bn by 2024

Release liners are an integral part of the manufacturing of tapes, fiber composites and medical film materials, as it prevents the sticky surface from prematurely adhering to the substrate. Use of release liners protects the adhesive applied on a label until the label is ready to use, this makes product handling easier. Release liners are coated on both sides using silicone as base release coating that provides a proper release value against the specific adhesive applied to them. Depending upon the texture and finish of the substrate, release liners are coated with extrusion or clay coatings which determine the smoothness and adhesion properties of the release liner.

Rising demand for industrial labels is a key driver for the release liner market. Labels account for a substantial share in the overall packaging industry. Release liners constitute a dominating portion of labels, thus the demand for release liners is highly correlated with that of labels and poised to increase during 2020-2024.

Asia Pacific to Remain at Forefront

As per TMR analysis, Asia Pacific accounts for nearly 38% of the global release liner market and is projected to continue its prominence through 2024. China and Japan account for ~40% of the Asian market. However, India is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period. This growth is expected to result from the high demand for labels and tapes in the region thus creating new market opportunities for release liners companies worldwide.

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Growth in Film-based Liner Fueled by Increasing Demand for No-Label Look

Increased demand for clear-on-clear labels for no-label look application in the segment such as beer, beverages, health and personal care and food has to lead the manufacturer to develop film-based release liners. Film-based release shows several advantages over paper-based release liners which includes good clarity, durability, and high thickness control. The trend is expected to increase the market share of film-based release liners over the forecast period.

High Demand from Personal Care & Healthcare Sector to Create Growth Opportunities for Manufacturers of Release Liners

Hygiene is one of the major segments in the total healthcare and medical market, representing about 79% of release liner usage, mostly paper. Healthy growth of this segment is expected to continue, owing to various demographic factors; reflecting potential growth for release liners market over the forecast period. In addition to this, in the medical market, wound care dressings, surgical drapes and medical devices use a self-adhesive laminate featuring a separate silicon-coated release liner. Around 49% of the total release liners market in this segment is being captured by films, representing a strong opportunity for the manufacturers of release liners in future.