Wireless Intercom Market to Cross US$ 12.4 Bn Value by 2030

A wireless intercom enables wireless transfer of audio signals between a base station and end terminals (handheld headset, belt pack, speaker station) in any application. The wireless intercom marketcomprises components such as the base station and end terminals with wireless connectivity. In the corporate enterprise sector, wireless intercoms are predominantly used to enable effective real-time communication over long distances at minimal cost and time, and enhance productivity between teams based in different offices and departments in office premises. The global wireless intercom market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 11.5% during the forecast period 2020 to 2030, and was valued at ~US$ 3.8 Bn in 2019.

The wireless intercom market is witnessing noticeable growth, owing to the increasing demand for surveillance and security in wireless intercom systems globally. The increasing prominence of Wi-Fi band-based wireless intercom services has led to the implementation of better security and surveillance solutions for commercial wireless intercom systems across the world. Furthermore, comparative ease of use is driving new and replacement (of wired intercom) demand, which is also a major factor accelerating the demand for wireless intercom solutions globally.

Increasing Demand for Surveillance and Security Driving Wireless Intercom Market

Wireless intercom is a major technology tool used by enterprises to enhance collaboration. Organizations across the world are increasingly focusing on curtailing costs related to their means of communication in order to enhance the communication within internal office premises. This has created immense opportunities for the wireless intercom market, thereby leading to the development of advanced wireless intercom solutions and services. Moreover, new wireless intercom base stations can be installed with existing wired intercom systems to use wired intercoms in a wireless mode. Enterprises across the world seek to deploy cheaper and scalable Wi-Fi band wireless intercom solutions to maintain their dominance in the market.

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Managing business in the global context and increasing adoption of wireless intercom solutions by small & medium enterprises (SMEs) are key factors driving the growth of this market globally. Most wireless intercom solutions available in the market can be integrated with security and surveillance systems, thereby offering improvement in the scalability of the surveillance ecosystem.

Wireless Intercom Market: Competition Landscape

The global wireless intercom market comprises a large as well as mid-sized wireless intercom system manufacturers and solution providers. Companies such as COMMAX Co., Ltd., Commend International GmbH, and Clear-Com Ltd., have been able to establish a strong presence in various countries across the world. Vendors in the wireless intercom market are currently focusing on introducing advanced intercom solutions and integrating new capabilities within the system to enable wireless intercoms across company boundaries and meet the need to manage video intercom delivery and quality.

Moreover, wireless intercom solution providers are aggressively developing innovative products that match customers’ expectations for enhanced features and integrated capability over connected devices. Currently, the market is growing and leading players are continuously focusing on acquisition of local players in order to broaden their geographical reach.

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Some significant players operating in the wireless intercom market include Aiphone Co Ltd, ALE International, Clear-Com Ltd., COMMAX Co., Ltd., Commend International GmbH, Grandstream Networks, Inc., Honeywell International Inc., Legrand, Motorola Solutions Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG, RTS Intercom (Bosch Security Systems, Inc.), Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Sena Technologies, Inc., TAMURA Corporation, Telephonics Corporation, VTech Holdings Limited., Wisycom Srl, Zenitel Group, and Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited.