Rectifier Transformers Market 2027 - Scope, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast

  • A transformer rectifier is a transformer that contains diodes or thyristors in the same tank. In industrial processes that require significant supply of direct current (DC), rectifier transformers are used. Typical processes include DC traction, electrolysis, and smelting operations.
  • Rectifier transformers are designed to address issues such as eddy current and harmonics. With the help of a rectifier transformer, fine voltage regulation levels can be achieved. In these transformers, control units can be built inside or separately. The system is ideal for use in applications with high voltage.
  • A combination of a regulating transformer and a rectifier transformer, which is applied to primary aluminum production (smelters), is commonly known as a rectiformer. In applications with rating of up to 160 MVA approximately, rectiformers can be used as a single-tank solution. However, for higher ratings, transportation restrictions usually call for two transformers to be used as separate units.

Key Drivers and Restraints of Global Rectifier Transformers Market

  • Most applications require special industrial transformers, as the prevalent devices cannot bear the load of these applications. These transformers provide low voltage supply with the required energy, without causing any damage. These are used in various applications such as mining, electric furnaces, laboratory experiments, and variable-speed-drive motor controls.

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  • Rectifier transformers operate at a medium or low load. Rectifier transformers allow power transmission at high voltages over long distances, thereby minimizing the loss during transmission.
  • Increase in the demand for power, cross-border power transmission, worldwide initiatives to utilize renewable and non-conventional energy sources and to upgrade transmission networks are factors boosting the global rectifier transformers market
  • Growth of the global rectifier transformers market is directly linked to increasing demand for electricity, advancements in transmission lines, and replacement of old transformer units worldwide. The high cost of purchasing and building rectifier transformers is a major limitation. Nevertheless, without rectifier transformers, no power system is complete and hence, several governments are offering subsidies on these transformers in different forms.
  • Furthermore, the global rectifier transformers market is driven by increased demand for electricity. As the power sector is the key indicator of economic growth, countries are investing in improving their electricity infrastructure and meeting the risen demand for electricity.
  • Low-rated rectifier transformers are currently used more commonly than medium-rated and high-rated rectifier transformers. Globally, high-voltage DC (HVDC) and high-voltage AC (HVAC) transmission are preferred modes of power transmission. This is a key factor fueling the global market for rectifier transformers.