Hybrid exchange development services offer the best exchanging experience

Hybrid exchange development services combine the prominent aspects of both centralization and decentralization. They offer both fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto trading pairs for users and they handle their funds safely using their own private keys. It uses off-chain order books and ensures the on-chain settlement of funds. Some examples of Hybrid Crypto exchanges existing in the market are Qurrex, Eidoo, and Stoxum. 

The main features of a Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software are

1. A custom admin dashboard where all the operations of the platform can be handled on a real-time basis.

2. A user-friendly and intuitive interface that optimizes the overall user experience.

3. An inbuilt live chat facility for smooth transmission of information between the buyer and the seller.

4. Low trading fees due to the usage of automated software and decentralization. 

5. Integration of numerous payment gateways for the quick processing of transactions.

6. Round the clock issue of notifications to alter the users about the latest information regarding price changes, account activity, new transactions, and market movement.

7. Escrow management that holds the crypto assets of users safely before a transaction gets executed successfully.

8. Institutional-grade security measures like two-factor authentication, anti-DDoS protection, and end-to-end data encryption.

9. Sufficient management of liquidity by establishing APIs with the leading external exchanges in the market. 

10. The provision of advanced analytics in the form of interactive graphs and charts for better decision making by investors.

The step by step process followed in Hybrid exchange development 

1. Identifying the business requirements and determining the technical feasibility of the idea in the market.

2. Deciding a proper development outline or a roadmap.

3. Integrating the blockchain technology and the smart contract into the platform.

4. Ensuring rigorous testing of the software to eliminate all the technical bugs to facilitate glitch-free and riskless operations.

5. Deploying the Hybrid exchange on the blockchain network. 

6. Providing post-launch technical support and maintenance assistance after deployment of the solution. 

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software are highly beneficial as the users have 100% control over their assets and funds, they can maintain their anonymity, renders both security and liquidity, are completely compliant with different regulations issued by the authorities, and ensures lightning-fast trading of digital assets.