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Why Handmade Electric Guitars Are King

While personal artisanship has become a rare commodity in today’s era of mass production, there are a myriad of reasons why many individuals still choose to buy handmade over machine-, or factory-made products. Many of these reasons appeal to emotions, and the desire for novelty and the distinctness inspired by craftsmanship.

Why Should You Visit Israel

Many people think of Israel as one of the religious capitals of the world, and they would be right, but Jerusalem is not the only city where tourists can find things to do within its borders. Consider Tel Aviv, a city which was meant to be another epicenter of religion, exploding into place with exciting nightlife, shopping, museums, specialty hotels, and much more.

What is Unique about 5 Star Hotels in Tel Aviv

The thing about visiting Israel’s busiest and most vibrant city is that you’re almost guaranteed to be residing in a building that was used as something other than a hotel at one time. While Tel Aviv is a consumer and tourist’s paradise, it is also a city that values preserving its fascinating history. When booking a trip to this coastal city, looking for 5 star Tel Aviv hotels will land you in the middle of a rich historical scavenger hunt with never-ending things to uncover. Often times, you will find that your hotel used to be a hospital, or that your shopping center used to be a building where people went to work for the Israeli government. Whatever the case may be, you’re sure to be in for a surprise when you discover the history hiding right under your nose.

What is unique about Israeli beaches?

Through the ages Israel has been a highlight and final destination for religious pilgrimages. A trio to the Holy Land has been and still is important for many a traveler. Israel does, however have much more to offer than only sites and destination of religious importance. Israeli beaches draw people from all over the world and provide excellent opportunities to lounge in the sun but with a multitude of beaches to visit there is much more to do.

Experience the luxury that can be found in Israel

Traveling to the Holy Land has not always been synonymous with traveling in luxury and style. In a volatile part of the world and as a fairly young nation it took some for true luxury to be introduced for visitors from other parts of the world but today Israel offers this in spades and there is no better city to visit than Tel Aviv if luxury is what you want.

Luxury Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv might not be amongst the oldest cities of the world, it is indisputable that it is home to sites of great historical importance in recent history. And still, it is not its history what makes Tel Aviv one of the most popular tourist destinations nowadays.

Dead Sea Unique Vacation

The Dead Sea, or Yam Ha-Melakh —Sea of Salt— in Hebrew, is one destination that needs to be on your bucket list.