What is Unique about 5 Star Hotels in Tel Aviv

The thing about visiting Israel’s busiest and most vibrant city is that you’re almost guaranteed to be residing in a building that was used as something other than a hotel at one time. While Tel Aviv is a consumer and tourist’s paradise, it is also a city that values preserving its fascinating history. When booking a trip to this coastal city, looking for 5 star Tel Aviv hotels will land you in the middle of a rich historical scavenger hunt with never-ending things to uncover. Often times, you will find that your hotel used to be a hospital, or that your shopping center used to be a building where people went to work for the Israeli government. Whatever the case may be, you’re sure to be in for a surprise when you discover the history hiding right under your nose.

The Boutique Hotel

The wildly successful 5 star hotel Tel Aviv scene can be explained by its use of boutique hotels. The boutique hotel is designed to give an all-encompassing experience to guests who would like to learn more about local culture during their stay. This strategy maximizes the potential of a city which wants to preserve the architecture and design of a time from the past, while expanding the use of buildings which may sit empty if they are not converted into shopping malls, hotels, and tourist attractions. Through boutique hotels, the guest gets a personalized experience unlike those you might find if you were to visit a chain hotel. The term “boutique hotel” was coined in 1980s New York where a hotel was thought to resemble a boutique because of its personality and unique touch. Tel Aviv, being the opportunist city that it is, is filled with these hotels which make a visitor want to “buy in” to the local happenings and spend their money and days indulging in the rich culture they have to explore. Often times, ho
tels will offer games and water sports for tourists, but they will also offer cultural dance lessons and other similar attractions to make the guests feel fully immersed.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

It is no secret that Tel Aviv, colloquially known as “The White City” is home to iconic and unique architecture, as it was recognized by UNESCO in 2003 for this feature. Understandably so, city officials moved to renovate and preserve these buildings which have become so well known (mostly into hotels, shopping centers, and other tourist attractions as previously mentioned), and have been doing so since the 1970s. The “Bauhaus” or “International Style” is recognized worldwide and can be observed today in the modern streets of Tel Aviv.

The Experience

The Tel Aviv hotels 5 star experience is unlike any other hotel experience in the world. When you are surrounded by world-class architecture, beautiful beaches, and rich history, you can expect a unique vacation and Tel Aviv delivers just that. This city is a center of lively nightlife, water sports, culture, shops, and much more, and the model of the boutique hotel is designed to bring all that life and entertainment to you in one awesome package.