Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs - Keep Driving On Roads Sturdily

When it comes to owning a jazzy looking elite wheelchair, the Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs are the best. You can ride on this vehicle with sturdiness and take on any street and landscape. The powerful wheels of the vehicle keep full grip of the road and allow great maneuverability with the help of the front and back 6โ€™โ€™ casters. So, you can manage this vehicle with the help of hand-controlled joysticks and take it to places where you wish to go. If you are going to a market place then the vehicle supports you with its 22.75" turning radius. That means when the lanes are narrow you can still have straight cuts and turn the vehicle at narrow angles.

The vehicle has a deluxe contour and the high back seat keeps you well seated in a high posture. The platform where you rest your feet is also flip-up height adjustable that ensures you attain a comfortable sitting position. Just keep your hands on the armrest for a firm grip and move the joystick for a comfortable ride.

Now, you can ride this vehicle on varied terrains due to its Active-Tracยฎ ATX Suspension system that makes enhanced performance possible. As it is a heavy-duty wheelchair, so it has dual enhanced in-line motors because of which you feel greater efficiency, torque, performance, and range. The battery also gives excellent back-up and you can drive the vehicle for up-to 11 miles on every single charge.

The 450 lbs weight taking capacity of the chair is too great and just image with such heavyweight the wheelchair is still able to ride at a maximum speed of 4 mph. It is really exceptional and only a rare machine like the Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs are capable of doing it. The weight on the machine stays distributed and it moves around with 14'' knobby tires.

The power chair is a great product to buy and you'll get to experience its luxury when you take it out for a ride. It is a good investment of your money and the wheelchair pays you back with its service and durability. It is a luxury product and great support for people with debility.