Crypto review July 4, 2019

What we see in the crypto market?


Confident breakthrough of resistance levels and bullish domination ended with a false breakdown of the $ 12,000 mark. At the same time, at the moment, the price reached almost $ 14,000.

A multiple increase in volumes and volatility is directly proportional to the growth of references in the media and subject forums / channels. Bitcoin is again in trend, however, now the chart is set for a small downward correction.

The next wave of growth can easily reach $ 19,000. The general mood of the market is a correction turning into an upward movement.


For this instrument, the upward trend is developing less than for Bitcoin. Volatility, as well as capitalization, lag behind, and the price in% ratio did not beat off even a third of the decline since the beginning of 2018.

Despite this, the ether is one of the top cryptocurrency. Its technology allows transactions to be carried out much faster than other cryptocurrencies, and the mining of the ether is simpler and less expensive.

The general mood of the market is downward in the short term, but rising in the long-term perspective.


Ripple has been trading sideways for over a year now. Cryptoactive is stable and unshakable.

Stability is affected by cooperation with major Arab banks. The tool volatility creators saddled without problems and now the ripple is one of the most similar to stable-line assets.

XRP makes sense to use in order to save savings from inflation. The general mood of the market is stability.