Currency market review 18 December, 2018

How to commissioned, the past week managed to stir up investors' intrigues against the dollar 🇺🇸. Good demand is due, among other things, to very good US unemployment data. What will be in anticipation of the New Year? The next 2 weeks will be presented by multidirectional and highly volatile movements. Fundamental data and political tone are unlikely to have an impact.

The price of euro 🇪🇺 demonstrates relaxations at key support areas. These levels have long served as powerful resistance, but were broken through in early 2017. Now the price has returned to them as support. Important macroeconomic data will only create volatility, but the downward trend is unlikely to increase this year.

As for the world's ex-major currency, the mood is not unequivocal. On the one hand: the uncertainty of the brexit has not disappeared, plus there are also rumors about the possible resignation of Teresa May, on the other hand: it is impossible to fall forever. Most likely, no fundamental changes in the pound 🇬🇧 will have to wait until the end of the year.