Stock market review July 23, 2019

What happens in the stock market?

Nasdaq 100 🇺🇸

After a slight downward correction last week, buyers in this market are trying to resume an upward momentum in the bull market.

Correction stopped at an important level, in the role of which the punched historical maximum acts.

The general mood of the market is upward. The breakdown of the level, apparently, turned out to be true. In the long run, growth to 10,000 is just around the corner.

Nikkei 225 🇯🇵

As expected, the value of this financial instrument is gaining momentum. Trade takes place within the rising wave of a globally growing market.

The general market sentiment remains upward, but a small downward correction is not excluded.

FTSE 100 🇬🇧

The past week was remarkable for its rather low volatility. Despite falling volumes, indicating a partial profit-taking by buyers, the price did not adjust below the nearest support level.

As long as trade proceeds above this level, the ascending scenario is the highest priority of motion vectors. The general mood of the market is upward.