May 8, 2019

Crytpo review 8 May, 2019

What we see in the crypto market?


Bitcoin graph is interesting enough for a thorough study. As you know, history repeats itself.

Let's look at some periods in the life of this cryptocurrency. in 2011, 2013, 2017, against the background of various fundamental factors, technological decisions, opinions of authoritative persons, the price of Bitcoin has grown several times. At the same time casting a short-term shadow of another 40% of growth.

After such a wave, a no less volatile correction occurred. At the same time, it adjusted an average of 80% growth, after which consolidation and a smooth reversal of the market were carried out with further overcoming of previous historical highs.

At the moment the picture is similar. The smooth turn is over, and the news background is becoming more and more supportive of the growth of bitcoin and altcoins.

If you examine the records in the blocks, you can see how large purchases are made on anonymous accounts, bypassing the exchange.

More and more corporations are introducing blockchain. Based on these facts, it can be said with confidence that the bottom has already been passed and we will soon witness the conquest of new heights in cryptocurrency trading floors.


Ether tries to keep up with Bitcoin and fully correlates its movement.

Despite the fact that the strength of the ether is many times less, the developers still have a couple of goats in the sleeve.

Awaiting positive news.


Ripple gains quite good clients. Negotiations are underway with several large banks. It is now not only about Arab banks, the network plans to expand its influence to the west.

Fast smart contracts that do not depend on national currency rates and savings on interest in the future can be an excellent alternative.

The Saudis understood this quickly and have been quietly working with XRP in calculations with their close neighbors for several months now.

The technology has proved itself quite well and, we think, its price in the near future will give a good jump upwards.