September 5, 2019

Crypto review 5 September, 2019

What do we see in the crypto market?


The general trend in bitcoin has turned downward. However, the dynamics are multidirectional. Bulls do not give up.

This month, trading is likely to occur sideways.

Globally, the market is upward. Medium-term market sentiment is bearish.


Unlike bitcoin, ether feels less confident. Despite the more advanced, new and technological blockchain - most investors do not understand the value of ether as an investment coin.

Of course, the technology is interesting, however, there is absolutely no hype around the ether. The current month is likely to pass as part of a downward correction.


Despite the stability of the exchange rate throughout 2019 and the connection of many large banks around the world to the RippleNet network, the ripple rate is gradually declining.

At the moment, the price is trading below the average price for the entire period of time.

The potential of XRP has not yet been exhausted. The project is quite promising, however, speculators and investors are not yet able to increase the rate of this cryptocurrency.

On the contrary, the lowest XRP rate is beneficial for banks, with maximum stability. The general market sentiment is mixed.