How to setup withdrawals

In order to withdraw money from your Affiliate account you need to create a New player account (NOT affiliate) on which you will automatically receive payments on every Tuesday. The minimal payout is 30 dollars.

Register player account: https://melbet.com/en/user/registration.php

Important: Link your valid telephone number and verify it.

When you do it, send Account ID to MelBet Manager. Your player account will connect to you Affiliate account for automatic payouts.

How payout proceed

You earn commission each time when invited players by you losing bets.

The commission is calculated from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59, and the payment proceed on Tuesday.

The minimal payout rate is $30


Suppose, you have earned 25$ on Affiliate account during the week (From Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59).

That means that payout will postpone to the next week, cause the minimal payout is $30.

One more week has passed, you have earned another 10$ on Affiliate account. For the last week you got 25$ + for the current week 10$, so the total amount is 35$.

Therefore, on Tuesday you will receive 35$ from Affiliate account to your Player account.