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Living With Social Robots

An ally, a tool, and a reliable companion in one: social robots.

Robotic assistant makes you glad Siri is just a voice

Anyone who’s been wringing their hands in anticipation of the day we’ll each have a physical, robotic assistant to schedule our days and keep us company should be careful what they wish for because the future is here, and it is creepy.

IoT Revs-Up NASCAR, A Loony Machine Learning Bet In India

NASCAR racing team Richard Childress Racing is using the Internet of Things to streamline systems and shave milliseconds off lap times. Even the pit crew uses sensors in their torque guns… A new smartphone app called Peeple allows users to rate each other and share that information across social media. What could possibly go wrong… Researchers have determined prolonged stress can lead to brain inflammation and significant cognitive deficits such as memory loss… For just $999 a Massachusetts biotech company will put your genome on an app you can take with you on your secure smartphone.





Aido Advanced Social Robot for Smart Home Inspired by Dolphins

You don’t need to be filthy rich to own an advanced Aido Home Robot. InGen Dynamics provides you with a solution, an affordable home robot, Aido. Aido is a smart, social robot, a helpful companion at home. The company aims to join robotic revolution by placing Aido in every home.

Aido Robot | Ingen Dynamics Aido Robot | Family Robot

Ingen Dynamics Aido Robot - Aido is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Aido is the first social robot that can move around your home/office to help improve your lifestyle.

Robot domestique AIDO

Ingen Dynamics

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Aido Interactive Personal Family Robot

Aido is one of the smartest and most inclusive family companion robots on the market today. It will play with your kids, help keep your schedule, project movies and helpful videos onto wall surfaces, act as an entertainment center and gaming device, manage your household chores, monitor your home via sensors and patrol to keep it safe and secure from intruders as well as invisible problems in the air and so much more! An absolute must have for any busy house hold Aido is truly has the ability to change the way we all operate in our own homes, making our lives both easier and more enjoyable all in one go!