Aido Interactive Personal Family Robot

Aido is one of the smartest and most inclusive family companion robots on the market today. It will play with your kids, help keep your schedule, project movies and helpful videos onto wall surfaces, act as an entertainment center and gaming device, manage your household chores, monitor your home via sensors and patrol to keep it safe and secure from intruders as well as invisible problems in the air and so much more! An absolute must have for any busy house hold Aido is truly has the ability to change the way we all operate in our own homes, making our lives both easier and more enjoyable all in one go!

Best Features:

  • An all inclusive companion robot
  • Watch movies and play games via Aido's interactive high fidelity speakers and HD projector
  • Patrol mode helps keep your home secure
  • Various sensors monitor your home's: temperature, humidity, ambient light, air quality, GPS, noise level and Pressure
  • Creates interactive learning experiences via sound effects, graphics and movement
  • Controls connected devices
  • Able to look up whatever information you need
  • Keeps track of your schedule and to-do list
  • Recognizes each member of the house hold and adjust preferences accordingly
  • Easily maneuvers around complex spaces
  • Includes attachable table top base
  • Receive traffic updates
  • Reads bedtime stories to your kids

Aido receives an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars by the editors of Gadget Flow and is available for pre-order now.