July 30, 2018

My work expirience

In 2012, in Orenburg, I graduated from the University and went into the army.

After returning from the army, I got a job at Directsoft in Orenburg. This company is a system integrator, which deals with the automation of workflow, the creation of websites and others.

Basically I programmed in the internal language of the DIRECTUM platform, I also developed integration solutions in C #. There I worked for 2 and a half years, after which I decided to change my specialization to the more popular on the market.

I saw on the Internet advertising courses Java developers from the University of Innopolis. And I decided to try. As a result, I passed the selection, studied for 2 months at the courses at the University of Innopolis and got a job at Sberbank Technologies. Now I decided to look for a new job, in connection with the fact that I want to participate in new interesting projects.