Homework. Day 1. Int.


Put the verb in the brackets into a correct form.

He …. (leave) me before we got married.

He had left me before we got married.

Present Perfect.

  1. He _____ (finish) training
  2. She _____ (score) twenty points in the match.
  3. We _____ (watch) all the Champions League matches this season.
  4. That's amazing! She _____ (run)  fifteen kilometers this morning!

Past Perfect.

  1. He … (to watch) this TV programme before his parents came home.
  2. Sheila and Witty … (to send) the invitations for the conference before Friday.
  3. A group of tourists … (already to visit) this cathedral before the guide told them about its history.
  4. His nephew … (to move) to a new flat by the beginning of September.

Future Perfect.

  1. I ________ a Londoner for five and a half years by next September. (be)
  2. By Tuesday Jill ________ these novels by O’Henry. (finish)
  3. Next year is Fred and Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary. They _________ happily married for ten years. (be)
  4. Molly thinks the film _________ by the time she gets to Fred’s. (to start)


ТОП 5 слов на сегодня.

Карточки для заучивания слов здесь.

1.Pleasure - Удовольствие
2.Abolish - Отменять
3.Investigate - Исследовать
4.Whistle - Свистеть
5.Amateur - Любитель