Marketer from Russia

Hello, my name is Alexey Tretiakov. I am 24 years old and I am a marketer.

您好,我叫 Alexey Tretiakov。 我今年24歲,是商人。

It's me at a networking meeting

In Russia i have a team and we are can provide to you all marketing service.

Our competencies: We are well versed in the development of telegrams for bots and auto funnels, set up traffic through Facebook targeting and contextual advertising in Google, We also create websites and have experience in design.


Work experience: We have been working in the Russian market for more than 8 years and in Asia for 1 year, we have set up advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, which give a positive economy to our clients. It is in our interests to work with clients for a year or more, so we make our service effective.

工作經驗:我們已經在俄羅斯市場工作了8年以上,在亞洲已經工作1年了,我們已經在Google Adwords中建立了廣告系列,為我們的客戶帶來了積極的經濟效益。 與客戶合作一年或更長時間符合我們的利益,因此我們使我們的服務有效。

Work examples:


Bots in telegram


Advertising campaigns


Website design


There is also a professional designer on the team with very affordable prices. Write to me, I will send to you his portfolio.

團隊中還有一位專業設計師,價格非常實惠。 寫信給我,我會把你的投資組合寄給你

I have a desire to apply my qualities for the benefit of your company. If you are interested text me to Facebook or Instagram

我希望運用自己的品質為貴公司謀福利。 如果您有興趣給我發短信到Facebook或Instagram