How to set up an exchange like localbitcoins?

Localbitcoins is not just an exchange Platform it is the place to meet other crypto enthusiasts. Like some exchanges, you don’t need to add your bank details in it.

The unique thing about local bitcoins is you can find the traders and proceed with trading. You can find feedbacks/reviews in each trader’s profile. It is advisable to have a look at the profiles before proceeding with trading.

In Localbitcoins, you can also meet traders and buy cryptos for your local fiat currencies. since, this exchange has gained the name, localbitcoins.

It has unique features such as

Ø Escrow service

Ø Ad-Posting

Ø Multiple Cryptocurrency Wallet support

Ø Chatbot integration

Ø Token Listing

Ø Online/offline trading

Ø Dispute Resolution

How to build an exchange like localbitcoins?

To build an exchange Platform like localbitcoins, You need Localbitcoins Clone Script.

Localbitcoins Clone Script is the raw ready-made website script with default features by making use of it one can easily build an exchange platform like localbitcoins. The website behaves and functions like the twinning website of localbitcoins.

Major benefits of localbitcoins clone script are

Ø Easy reach of brand name

Ø Saves Money

Ø Consumes less time

Customization features