July 23, 2020

My biggest breakthroughs during COVID pandemic part I.

Hello. Hope you are in good health as well as your family and friends. It was a hard time during lockdown for everyone. My first few weeks were a disaster. I waked up at 8-9AM, played all day long video games. Had so much free time and I even didn’t knew how to use it. Had no purpose in life.
In one of these days I suddenly remembered the 5AM club book. Hope you read it. I posted it on channel a couple of months ago. I started to implement 66 days challenge on waking up at 5AM. Basically these book changed my life.
First few weeks I could barely move my body out of bed. It was so hard for me. I implemented as Well the morning routine from book and adapted it for my needs. I will talk about it in another post.
Some practical advice for those who want as well to wake up early.
I use alarm clock on my watch from xiaomi which wake me up by vibration. Alarm clock with sound provoke a little bit of stress for me. These vibrations are softer. After you achieve 66 days of waking up at 5AM you can then set a one day a week when you can skip the early waking. Let say you had to stay late in the evening to work, hangout with friends, or to study. It is ok to skip one day. But the next one should be at 5 AM. And the most important tip which helped me a lot to get out from bed. Barely every morning I have that thought in my mind "5 more minutes please". We by nature are lazy, and thats a shame for all of us.

My technique is to imagine my ideal life. All I want from my life, and how I imagine myself in the future. And then I say these words to myself "IF YOU DON'T GET OUT FROM BED NOW YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM". If it doesn’t work repeat it again, imagine it again. Believe me, I get so excited and motivated from these thing that I sometimes jump out from my bed in order to become a greater person.
Hope to find you next time in good health as well. Have a nice day!