January 29, 2020

The types of borders for flower beds

The market presents a wide variety of fences for flower beds. Each variety represents a complete idea that is applicable in different variations.

Garden borders Garden curbs are made of different materials. These fences are available in specialty garden and country stores. But many people do hedge yourself using all sorts of handy tools.

Basic functions 

The basic function of this type of fencing is decorative – giving aesthetic beauty to the area.

Also some other functions include: Reducing the size of a mound, giving it a clearly defined shape. Reduction of weed growth. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to penetrate the in-depth edge. Limit the spread of plants. In some cases even cultivated plants behave uncontrolled. The preservation of the base coat washed out by rain. Simplify the process of caring for plants. Largely, it is due to the lack of weeds and the possibility of more rational irrigation. If necessary fenced flowers easier to cover with a film and convert it into a greenhouse.

Wood. The tree is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of framing. Positive sides of this type are: low cost, ease of construction and ease of repair. But a negative rapid amortization, in conditions of high humidity, the wood can wear down over the season. If you want you can buy special tools, lengthening service life. 

Plastic. The main advantages of the plastic fences is that they are very practical and very realistic mimic natural materials: wood, stone, and others. Unlike wooden models, such curbs are not subject to amortization under the influence of moisture, but also have a relatively low price.

Brick. Such curbs blends with buildings made from this material and if you want you can buy everything you need for the garden in a store like here https://greatyardmaster.com/. When building this fence you can improvise with the arrangement of the bricks. The most interesting option is the placement angle. 

From natural stone. This type of framing is considered one of the most interesting and original. However, along with this the process time-consuming, requires a significant investment of effort, energy and time. Especially unusual look when the stones are laid out in a several next and sealed with concrete. When choosing a fence made of natural stone should pay special attention to the creation of the Foundation, as such a fence on the shoulder time to settle down.

Concrete. The obvious advantage of this type of framing is that there is a choice between choice and opportunity the right to cast concrete forms. That is, with enough imagination and creativity you can create an authentic fence. The only downside of the curb is a big weight to each of the blocks, which complicates the installation process. 

Metal. In most cases, for the production of fencing for flower beds use galvanized steel. This material is very durable and not affected by environmental factors. Due to the ease of installation and placement of the fence will not take much time, but for how long will decide the framing of the beds. Tape. Such curbs in most cases use for beds, having a square or rectangular shape. Tapes are made of aluminum, copper or stainless steel. The main advantage of this type of curb is its simplicity in execution and in maintenance. And also the fact that it efficiently protects garden plants from the threat of weeds. A border of scrap materials. To conserve and enhance the originality of many gardeners to build a fence using what actually lies beneath their feet. Most commonly used roofing materials since they are always updated. And very often, many throw the whole flight, applicable for the construction of the curb.

Several original solutions

The fence of bottles. In this case, suitable both plastic and glass bottles. The main problem is to collect a sufficient number of containers and to consider their proper location. The curb of the tires. Of course, this option is more suitable for large flower beds with great colors. Because by itself, the fence is massive and takes a lot of space, it should not overshadow the very bed.

A border mosaic. This type of creating the hedge is very time consuming, but the achieved result over any cost. To create the mosaic border is required a large number of fragments of coloured glass, shells, original colored stones. It is very important to consider the pattern of the future fence of the mosaic. Border flower bed is better to add cement, it will protect the curb from being washed under running water. After applying the guidelines, is filling them with different colors. In the end, achieving the effect of real mosaic. Moreover, it will be an original work of authorship.