The history of the lamps, their development

The history of modern outdoor lamp starts in France. French floor lamp (torche) is the torch, which in ancient times were mounted on the walls for lighting corridors. Some removed if necessary and used as a candle. Later they began making a special cradle to mount the torches on the floor. So the lamp wall has changed.

In the Baroque era torch no frills was transformed into an elegant chandelier. Of course the first lighting had a completely different view, different from the current one. The housing that covers the flame of the lamp, made of wood, and placed inside one or more candles, some were oil lamps.

The development of the lamps were not in place and already in the 18th and 19th centuries, wooden lamps, which are mounted on the wall, steel outdoor. Their height was reached more than three meters. Because at that time these lights adorned the house of a wealthy man, and they were characterized by brightness and beauty. The wizard creates them for decoration used precious and semi-precious stones, crystal, porcelain, metal. Form is also something.

New developments in lamps occurred at the end of the 19th century. To the lighting device was available to ordinary people, he was equipped with a kerosene burner. Appeared a shade in the form in which we know it now, and solved the problem of a too bright light that is now flick of the wrist was lowered. The materials for its manufacture were the ordinary paper or fabric, glass.

What are the different types of floor lamps

Conditionally define these types of floor lamps: сlassic. These types of lamps are placed on one high leg, additionally it is a lampshade (made of cloth, rice paper, plastic) and one bulb, you can choose a floor lamp in a blog like here

To read. In the lighting device of this type is more than one lamp. They are located at different levels. Top light is usually muted, but the bottom is adjustable on request. An additional plus – leg, adjustable, table stand.

Decorative. These lamps differ in form and style.

And existing types of lamps (photo) are available in the catalog on the website of the Internet store after which choose a suitable one.

How to choose the model of floor lamp today

For starters, determine why you need this lighting fixture, and after of the model. For example, large floor lamps are not suitable for small spaces. It is better to choose a small, a little leg or a chandelier.

This piece of furniture with ease and emphasizes the style of your home, the main thing correctly to choose. Today, manufacturers offer various lighting fixtures, types which will satisfy demanding customers. Note these styles:Retro. Vintage style, with rustic simplicity and retro motifs.

Kitsch. Is a striking style that is harmonious classics and innovation.
Eco-style. Environmental mix of materials to create unique results. Interestingly, the production of such lamps is possible and in house conditions.
Modern. Characterized by asymmetrical and curved shapes.
Classic. The style is luxury and symmetry. Most commonly used bulb in the form of candles.

What are the advantages of floor lamp?

The lighting elements is very diverse. This ceiling lamp in different shapes and sizes, wall and table lamps.

But floor lamps — floor lamps, have one important unique feature. It's mobility. A floor lamp can be moved around the room according to your needs.

If the room has several Seating areas (for example, a chair and a sofa), no need to choose a floor lamp for a permanent place. 

The lamp can be easily moved, especially if it is wireless and does not depend on a constant connection to the network. 

This is another big plus of these lamps — they make the battery, to the composition of your interior does not spoil the wires and the abundance of outlets with extension cords. 

The possibility of using the lamp without connecting to the network is really huge. You can move it to the bathroom, if you want to read a book and relax on the balcony or, if for some reason there is not enough light. To do similar with most styles of wall and especially ceiling lights will not work. 

Also with some models you get extra space in the form of shelves, stands and other decorative items. Here works the principle of effective sharing of space in space. Particularly relevant floor lamp with shelves will be in a small room or a room decorated in a minimalist style.