How to choose gouache?

Gouache is a type of paint, and its main advantage is that it has a water base. In addition, it is very similar to acrylic. However, the fact that it is water-based means that it has completely different applications. Gouache can also be described as a concentrated watercolor, only heavier and opaque. How not to make a mistake in choosing gouache? Decide what you need gouache for. Please note that it is sold in tiny tubes and containers: it is not designed to cover huge canvases in full. In addition, remember that since gouache is water-based, the picture will be damaged when it comes into contact with water, and the gouache itself is blurred. Hint - use varnish.

What gouache to buy for children?

Gouache - water-based adhesive. It is made of glue and coloring pigment with a mixture of white to give a dullness. Unlike other common watercolor paints, it has a denser texture, which makes it great for overlapping darker shades with light ones. Gouache is often perceived as a children's paint, but historically it was used in the manufacture of book miniatures. Gouache painting is an excellent start for immersion in the enchanting world of painting also you can to look gouache paint review. This material is attractive primarily for its accessibility and safety for children's creativity. It is actively used in kindergarten and in school. But for all its cheapness, it is still important to determine, based on the tasks, which gouache is better.

Benefits of using gouache:

  • Light shades may block dark
  • The ability to make changes in the process
  • It can be used on fabric, primed canvas, in the manufacture of decorations

Conventionally, you can divide gouache into three groups according to the tasks in which it is used: children’s, decoration (poster) and art.

Art gouache

This type of gouache is the most common, on the boxes with it there is a marking "artistic", "luxury", "premium". Art gouache has a more hiding power, in addition, it has a more saturated color. This paint is used for highly artistic painting, usually a gouache of 12 colors and a gouache of 6 colors. Shades, as a rule, are bright, vibrant, close to natural, the paint itself has a thick and plastic consistency. Art gouache is more expensive than all other types of this paint. It is worth noting that the gouache master class is only artistic and has high quality.

Gouache for beginners

Simple gouache, it can be recognized by the absence of the inscription "artistic" on the package. This is an inexpensive paint, since the materials used in its manufacture most often include synthetics. It is suitable for students from grade 5, students and for adults who are familiar with painting. This gouache is not suitable for young children, as it may contain components that are toxic to internal organs and must not be swallowed. Colors in paint are less intense than in art, which is not critical for those who are just starting to write.

Special gouache

This type of gouache contains various specific inclusions, and has markings on the boxes like “luminous”, “gold”, “silver”, “metallic”, “mother of pearl”, etc. Chemical pigments are added to this gouache, and it is more suitable for decor, rather than for drawing. When dried, such a paint often cannot be restored by adding water.