March 17, 2020

Tahini Market, 2019-2027 by Segmentation: Based on Product, Application and Region

The global tahini market is witnessing a boom on account of modern food and beverage trends. Sesame seed paste, or tahini is a primary ingredient in Middle Eastern fare and many other ethnic foods including Turkish, Greek, and North African cookery. It contains a lot of essential fatty acids and nutrients like vitamin B1, magnesium and phosphorous. In the production of scrap or sauces Tahini is usually an important factor and is widely utilized in Falafel Pitas, Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, and other ethnic foods. It is based on the raw material that two main tahini are present: hulled and unhulled.

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The report on the global tahini market offers promising insights into this industry, with focus on the latest trends that will have an influence on the dynamics of the global market. The study elucidates on some prominent developments in the industry will impact the global tahini market in coming years.

Prominent developments that are likely to impact the global tahini market in the coming years are:

  • Rushdi Food Industries Launches New Tahini Product

The next generation of creamy tahinis, Rushdi Food Industries, Ltd, has improved functionality and facilitated preparation for ready-to-eat salads and prepared foods. At the international trade show PLMA’s Private Label World 2019 in Amsterdam this new Tahini was launched.

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  • Gluten Free Trend

The TahiniBar, a snack of sésame grape that has been added to just 100 calories each, has been launched by absolute Gluten Free. The Bars are made of all-natural, roasted sesame seeds. Certification of OU Kosher and dairy-free. These grab-and-go bars are available to make your stays gluten-free and comfortable in Vanilla, Cocoa Nib, and Pistachio flavors. Such products are expected to boost the popularity of the product, propelling the global tahini market.

  • Food Festivals

A recent food festival hosted at the DoubleTree by Hilton, at Dubai, marked the International Hummus Day on May 13. Hummus was the key highlight of this festival. The initiatiatives taken by such institutes to promote ethnic food is expected to bolster the global tahini market.

Leading vendors in the global tahini market are Prince Tahini Manufacture Ltd., Sunshine International Foods, Inc., R.J.M. Food Industries Ltd., Al Wadi AlAkhdar Sal, and Kevala International LLC.

Popularity of Sauces and Dips to Bolster Tahini Market

The global tahini market will be able to see considerable growth in the sauce and dips sector as consumers are constantly demanding Near East paste and spread because of its various health advantages. Flavored tahini, typically in paste form, is commonly used in Tahini-based dips and will trigger global demand for tahini. For example, in sauces, such as the lemon-yogurt sauce, which is particularly used in crispy fish fillets, flavored tahini is found. Furthermore, creamy Tahini-based hummus dips for chips and fresh veggies, tahini for grilling and as a spread of sandwiches, thereafter fuel the demand for Tahini. This is a leading factor bolstering the global tahini market.

Middle East and Africa to Hold Significant Market Shares

The Middle East and the African area, particularly the countries of the Middle East, should have a significant market share in the tahini global market. This is because the authentic Mediterranean recipes are increasingly popular. The demand in the North American region for tahini is also on the rise due to multiculturalism and the interest of the people to taste ethnic cuisine.