Xylan Market to to Develop Rapidly by 2026

Xylan, a key hemicellulosic component of hardwoods, exhibits large polydiversity and polymolecularity, which contributes to its wide range of usage. A large spectrum of nutritional and non-nutritional application of the compounds can be attributed to the use of plant cell wall polysaccharides in myriad consumer products. Xylans form major constituents of a wide variety of products used in everyday life across the world. They are key functional ingredients in baked products and are extensively used as feed constituents for the livestock industry.

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Over the past few years, they have formed major constituents of numerous value-added products, most notable of which is xylitol. This key constituent has been extensively used as natural food sweeteners and for reducing dental cavities. Xylan has also gathered steam among diabetics as a sugar substitute. In the oil and gas industries, xylans find substantial application in the oil and gas industry for preventing corrosion. Furthermore, the compound has gathered immense traction as its usage as a high-performance coatings in numerous end-use industries. Xylan-based coatings work well in demanding chemical environments and high temperatures.

The study presents elaborate assessments and carefully-drawn insights on the key application areas. The analyses also help investors identify lucrative avenues and the developments that will keep some application segments lucrative throughout the assessment period of 2018–2026.

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Global Xylan Market: Trends and Opportunities

Substantial usage of xylan as a key constituent of food additives and rising use of the compound in the pharmaceutical are key factors propelling the growth of the market. Xylans have wide therapeutic value and are known for various beneficial health effects. The growing use of xylo-oligosaccharides (XOs) in regulating the functions of human intestines is a recent case in point. The use of hemicellulases family of enzymes as dietary supplement also keep the demand for xylan attractive in the pharmaceutical industry. Attractive strides being made by the demand for pharmaceutical products in various parts of the world are also bolstering the expansion of the xylan market. Increasing inclination of populations toward natural and plant-based formulations for improving health is a key trend boosting the market.

The rising use of xylan as low-calorie sweetener indicates the rising prospects of the market. In the food industry, xylan is used as protein foam stabilizer and emulsifier. Moreover, in the bakery industry, xylan is added to affect the quality of cereal flours. In developing regions, changing taste and preferences of consumers pertaining to quality and nutritional value of nutritional products has underpinned new and lucrative use of xylan in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Research and development into increasing industry’s understanding of biosynthesis of xylan has also imparted a large momentum to the expansion of the market.

Global Xylan Market: Regional Outlook

The various assessments about the regional trends and opportunities help stakeholders identify emerging markets for xylan. The insights offered in the study also helps in getting better understanding of the demand dynamic in developed regions. Developing economies are expected to hold vast potential in the global dynamics of the xylan market. Rapid pace of urbanization and mounting environmental concerns about the use of plastics have increased the prospective usage of xylan in papermaking applications. The rise in demand for xylan in various end-use industries in developing regions is also propelled by the rising uptake in the pharmaceutical industry. Substantial advances made in microencapsulation technique will also keep the demand for xylan lucrative in developed regions.

Global Xylan Market: Competitive Landscape

Top players are focusing increasingly on better product development initiatives. Several players in the global xylan market are engaged in bolstering manufacturing and production capacities in the next few years. Some of the prominent players operating in the global xylan market are Jinan Haohua Industry, Chemos GmbH, Southwestern Plating Company, Thomson Biotech, and Xylan Corporation.

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