April 15, 2020

Isoleucine Market Is Booming in Forthcoming Year with Top Key Players

Isoleucine Market Introduction:

Isoleucine is one of the nine essential amino acid, categorized as branched-chain aliphatic amino acid found in many proteins. Some of the sources of isoleucine are soy food products, meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. It is an isomer of leucine and is important in hemoglobin synthesis and regulation of blood sugar and energy levels. An essential amino acid implies that it is not made by the human body or is made in a significantly low quantity, yet it is important for wound healing, detoxification of nitrogenous wastes, stimulating immune function among others. Isoleucine is important in protein synthesis, anabolism, and anti-catabolism and has gained popularity among the gym going population as a powerful health supplement.

Consumers are now skeptical about the product offering by different brands in the cosmetics segment and tend to buy products based on the ingredients. Amino acids in cosmetics is not a significant new concept, however, the recent growth in demand for premium cosmetics have propelled the demand for raw ingredients particularly ingredients used in tissue repairing formulation, among which isoleucine and leucine have a significant share.

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Isoleucine Market Segmentation:

Isoleucine is available in purified grades and is thus segmented on the basis of grade as Food grade and technical grade. Food grade isoleucine is one which meets the requirements of Food Chemical Codex (FCC).

Food grade isoleucine is widely used in the supplement industry and manufacturers are launching dietary formulations with isoleucine as the active ingredient. Apart from its application as an ingredient in gym supplements, it is now being added to function food and beverages.

Based on its application, isoleucine market is segmented as, dietary supplements, functional foods, functional beverages, cosmetics & personal care, others

Isoleucine Market Regional Outlook:

Based on the geographies, the global isoleucine market is segmented into seven regions globally such as Western Europe, Latin America, Eastern Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Isoleucine is used globally as an active ingredient in supplements, these supplements are highly consumed in regions of North America, and Asia Pacific.

Isoleucine Market Drivers and Trends:

A health-conscious trend is flourishing in the developed countries. Consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of various ingredients added to the food products including isoleucine and an overall increase in a number of health-conscious consumers is expected to drive the isoleucine market during the forecast period. Consumers are now more focused on their health and this has given rise to a healthy eating trend in the U.S. Catering to this demand, manufacturers of functional food have also incorporated the use of isoleucine. The trends for nutrient-rich food has grown in the recent past and food products such as cereals have been fortified with isoleucine. These nutrient-rich food products have generated high demand from consumers. Furthermore, the use of isoleucine in cosmetics is also gaining significant acceptance due to its use in protection of skin cells from damage, used in tissue repair formulation, as a result manufacturers are focusing on isoleucine based cosmetic products to provide these unique benefit and further boost their product portfolio.

Isoleucine Market Key Players:

Some of the global market players participating in isoleucine market include; AJINOMOTO Co., Inc., Foodchem International Corporation, FUERST DAY LAWSON LTD., KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD., Yichang Sanxia Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, MEIHUA HOLDINGS GROUP CO., LTD, Fufeng Group Company Limited, Hubei Provincial Bafeng Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Share Co.,Ltd., Santos Jiahe Biotech, Wuxi Jinghai Amino Acid Co., Ltd., Evonik Industries AG, Sinochem Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Yamei, Aspartame, Nutricore Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Avanscure Lifesciences Private Limited, SUVCHEM, Kuber Impex Ltd., Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, and AMRESCO LLC

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