Black Pepper Industry to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2026

The global black pepper market is growing a steady pace. It is expected to register healthy growth during 2018-2026. The market is driven by increased spending on food products, increase in disposable income in developing countries, especially China. Black pepper is basically is an unripe fruit cooked and dried for commercial purposes. It is considered the king of spices, mainly for its flavor and various herbal qualities which are used in traditional medicine.

An upcoming Transparency Market Research report sheds light on the current and future trends of the global black pepper market. It provides details on the market’s overview, current trends and challenges, opportunities in the coming years, and growth forecasts for 2018-2026. These insights are crucial for both prevailing and upcoming players in the global black pepper market.

Black pepper has become an important food-additive for fast food chains due to its familiar and rich flavor. Black pepper is also gaining grounds as an efficient and natural preservative in food products. Growing food safety concerns are driving growth of new antimicrobial agents. Pepper essential oils not only improve flavor but also reduce microbial activity. Recent research shows that black pepper petroleum ether extract (BPPE) suppresses gene transcription, metabolic dysfunction, and cell death in microbes.

Growing research activity for exploring other usage of commercial black pepper is predicted to make the product an essential ingredient in commercial ready-to-eat food. It is expected to open a wide array of opportunities for the global black pepper market in the future.

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At the same time, meat producers are also turning towards black pepper to increase production and quality. Feeding antibiotics to increase meat output has long been a norm in the meat industry. Further, regulations are curtailing the use of antibiotics. Researchers have proven that increased in-take of antibiotics through everyday diet can lead to development of growing microbial resistance in human beings

Black pepper can not only reduce microbial activity but simultaneously improve the digestive abilities of poultry chicken and pigs. Increased research on the product is currently underway. Quality issues regarding supply of black pepper and changing climate conditions can hinder the growth of the global black pepper market during the forecast period.

The global black pepper market is booming across all regions for a variety of reasons. Increase in food products, varieties of black pepper, growing penetration of fast-food business is driving the market in North America. Growing demand for confectionary, bakery products and septic use of black pepper in beauty products is expected to drive the market in Europe. The black pepper market in Asia Pacific is predicted to witness the fastest growth during 2018-2026. Increasing household income, growing food business and changing lifestyle coupled with the popularity of traditional medicine is driving demand for black pepper in major markets like China and India.

The key companies operating in the global black pepper market include Brazil Trade Business, Akar Indo, Visimex, Olam International Limited, Gupta Trading, Vietnam Spice Company.