The Halal Cosmetics Market Presents Huge Growth Opportunity

Halal is an Arabic word, which means acceptable in law. Halal cosmetics are body and skincare products that are considered to be free from materials banned by Islamic society. Halal cosmetics are based on the principles Halal and Non-Halal, Najis and Mutanajis, protection, and consistency. Halal cosmetics is seen as a breakthrough for the cosmetics industry as it develops new external and internal operations to meet the rising needs of its customers.

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The increasing customer awareness of the use of ingredients in cosmetic products has resulted in an increase in halal cosmetic products. The Government has classified halal cosmetics as approved halal by the Islamic Religious Department in Malaysia without the use of gelatin, animal fat, or other chemicals. Halal cosmetics are considered to be healthy for both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers in terms of operation, quality of the goods, and knowledge of the ingredients used. Further health risks such as cancer and other distortions associated with cosmetic products containing nano-particle ingredients have contributed to a change in consumer preference towards halal cosmetic products. Moreover, the rising demand for Halal-certified and Sharia-compliant goods is also boosting the market growth. Although the cost of production of halal cosmetics is typically higher than regular goods, customers are willing to pay extra because of their strong religious beliefs. Most of the major Muslim-populated countries such as Pakistan and Arab countries are emerging, price-sensitive economies. As a result, regional manufacturers have produced small packaging goods at a lower cost to avoid a one-time investment.


The global halal cosmetics market is segmented on the basis of type and application. On the basis of type the global halal cosmetics market is segmented into personal care, color cosmetics, and perfumes. Based on application the global halal cosmetics market is segmented into skin care, hair care, makeup, and others.


Amara Cosmetics, Pure Halal Beauty, SAAF International, Sampure Minerals,
Inika Cosmetics, Martha Tilar Group, One Pure, Ivy Beauty, MMA Biolab
Clara International

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