Why are Assignments so Important for a University Student?

by Sharlyn Harvile
Why are Assignments so Important for a University Student?

School students seem always excited whenever they talk about their college or university life. Why? Because they feel imprisoned at school by the punctuality, strictness in studies, regular class tests, homework, etc. All the credit goes to dramas and movies where the college/university life is depicted only as fun, partying, bunking classes and playing. School students get impressed by this illusion and want to get rid of their school lives as soon as possible.

But I wonder how one can forget that there is assignment, exams and evaluation system when you join any course. As soon as the students enter college or university life, all their dreams vanish and the illusion of glamour gets over when they are handed over their class, assignments, and projects schedule.

The university’s faculty is already aware of the wrong and misunderstood image that a student brings while entering the campus. Therefore, they already have planned every semester in a way where students can forcefully be kept engaged to their studies. A person enters university at the age where he can no more be handed over readymade lessons because every course has some fixed credit hours and the learning material is wide. There are no specific books from which you will just memorize a topic and pass your paper. The lecturers and professors are like a guide who will show you way, and provide you with some helping material etc.

A university student is on a way to be more practical and manage things all by himself. Therefore, every university gives more weightage to assignments, research and projects rather than sit-in exams. Because it is more beneficial on this stage.

Benefits of giving more weightage to assignments:

The performance of every student is evaluated in percentage % by the end of semester. Student will pass his semester only if he can successfully pass all the levels because he has to score better in attendance, written assignments, and class tests before appearing for the final exams. This method is beneficial in many ways like:

·        The texts are very long at this level which is mostly ignored by the students. Regular class tests and assignments keep the students not only in touch with their texts and readings, but also encourage them to attend their lectures regularly as they are more important than their books now. Professors give crux of the long chapters, and also guide the students how to attempt a question related to the very same topic. So, the students do not freak out when they read and learn everything by themselves because cramming do not help a student anymore.

Subjects could mostly be Greek to your brain when you first see your syllabus at university. This happens because till school or college, the students are engaged to a variety of subject. But at the university they get admission only in one field such as English literature, or English Linguistics, etc. So, they need to read it in details. Therefore, many new subjects and courses are introduced whose names could be difficult to pronounce in the beginning. Regular tests and assignments again save a student here because it helps him be in touch with his academics. The professors also get to know the perception level of his class which also helps him in improving his teaching methods and guide the students for repetitive mistakes.

·        As long readings frustrate students, therefore assignments could be the way to make them read and comprehend the book. It will also make them able to compare and critique different texts and ideas.

·        Oral assignments can also be take in consideration as listening and speaking assignments able students to communicate better. It will also make them confident to participate in discussions and present their view point.

·        As we are living in technological age, where the students must know all about technology otherwise it would be difficult for them to survive. There still are many people who do not have access to the technology easily. But at the university level, they need internet, computer and printer etc. So, assignments can help such students and make them able how to use and manage technology, and to produce things by their own.

Many other points can also be added to the topic. These are few of the things that I wanted to share with you people. The university life is definitely about fun and partying, it is the most memorable period of a person’s life but it plays an important role in his practical life as well.

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January 16, 2019
by Sharlyn Harvile