Suzuki Indonesia's flagship MPV, what are the considerations for choosing the Suzuki Ertiga?

Strengths and weaknesses

As Suzuki Indonesia's flagship model line, there are many advantages offered in the latest Ertiga. With the affordable price of the 2020 Ertiga compared to its competitors, this car offers the comfort and relief of a spacious cabin for seven passengers.

Likewise, with the relatively economical fuel consumption. Compression ratio of 10.5: 1 engine, several experiments conducted by the media get an average consumption of up to 14-15 km / L. Even in one try, Ertiga was able to record more than 23 km / L.

A stubborn and powerful engine also deserves a separate consideration when you want to get one of the most popular Suzuki cars. Carrying up to seven people with a variety of luggage in the cabin can be done without stagnation.

Another advantage is the price of a used Suzuki Ertiga which is still stable today. Its popularity is all the more impressive with its stubborn engines and durable components. Making used Suzuki Ertiga cars is still often sought after in the used car market in Indonesia.

Likewise, with the prestige of Suzuki Indonesia with a variety of after-sales services and workshops spread across various cities in the country, providing its own convenience in getting spare parts and wanting to carry out regular service on this car.

But of all the advantages of the Suzuki Ertiga, there are still many weaknesses that keep local consumers from moving compared to other, more popular models. For example, the changes to the 2019 Ertiga are still not massive and are only minor changes. Some systems are still outperformed by competitors.

And this can also be felt in the Ertiga Sporty 2019 which still uses fabric made seats even though it is the highest variant of the Ertiga in the Indonesian market. Moreover, competitors such as the Mitsubishi Xpander and Toyota Avanza have relied on leather seats that feel more luxurious.

Indeed, most of the deficiencies that can be felt in this car can be seen from the incomplete use of technology. It could be to balance the price of the Ertiga 2020 so that it remains pocket-friendly. Among them are Ertiga Sporty 2019, which does not yet offer ECO or Sport driving modes to increase driving pleasure.

Ertiga 2020 price

To accommodate the various needs of Indonesian consumers, Suzuki Indonesia offers a wide selection of variants of the Ertiga. As previously explained, the standard version consists of the Ertiga GA manual transmission, and the Ertiga GL and GX, which each have a choice of manual and automatic transmissions.

The price of the Ertiga 2020 for the entry level variant, namely the GA MT, starts at Rp. 207 million. Meanwhile, the Ertiga GL MT starts from Rp.226 million and the GL AT costs Rp.237 million. You need to spend more to get the highest variant, namely Ertiga GX MT with IDR 240 million and Ertiga GX AT which is priced at IDR 251 million.

While the Ertiga Sport is distinguished because it has a more sporty appearance and various advantages in terms of the technology used. The official price starts from IDR 252 million for manual transmission. Meanwhile, the Ertiga Sport with automatic transmission can be obtained with prices starting from IDR 262 million.


The new Suzuki Ertiga Sport 2019, which has just been marketed, has indeed improved the appearance of this Suzuki car to be even more ferocious. Relieved cabin space and an efficient engine are the mainstays of Ertiga in the midst of increasingly crowded family car competition. Likewise, the affordable price of the 2020 Ertiga at a used price that is still stable makes it a dark horse among LMPV in the country.