How to Get 3D Bounding Box Annotation Tools or Services?

  • Bounding box is one of the most widely used technique used in image annotation services. Making the objects recognizable for machines it can be one of the best image annotation technique used to train the AI models in machine learning.

  • 2D and 3D bounding boxes are the major types of bounding box process provides a detailed visual observation to computer vision. There are various tools and techniques used to draw the 2D or 3D bounding boxes but if you are looking for free open source tool it would difficult to find such applications hence, you need to get it done with experts providing the image annotation service using the 3D bounding box to make the objects more precisely recognizable.
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  • To get the 3D bounding box fully annotated with right tools and techniques a right service provider would be the great option. There are many companies offering the high-quality image annotation service for AI and machine learning companies as per the needs of the customers. A wide range of objects can be annotated for computer vision.

  • The image annotation service providers can do this job better, as they have experts to annotate the images in 3D bounding boxes for self-driving cars, drones and other AI-based visual perceptions for understand the various dimensions of the objects. For better quality results only tool is not enough a human-powered annotation skills are also required to get the best results.

  • Anolytics is one of the companies providing 3D bounding box annotation service at lower cost with best level of accuracy. Working with team of experienced annotators and using the right tool and techniques to annotate each image precisely making it recognizable for the computer vision used in machine learning. It is working with fully scalable solution with flexible pricing to provide a completely affordable and reliable image annotation services.