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Astra Zeneca vaccines delivered to Uzbekistan

Astra Zeneca vaccine batch was sent to Central Asian countries through the COVAX platform. 660.000 doses of Covishield (AZ) were delivered to Uzbekistan from India in March. The priority group vaccination in Uzb started on April 1.

Terrorists attack the vaccination centre in Southern America

Terrorists attack the main COVID-19 vaccination distribution centre in Southern America, interrupting the lifeline for 1.200.000 people living in Brazil and surrounding countries. Terrorist demand release for the America Latina Mob head from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

American and British officials are captured in Abu Dhabi following COVID-19 outbreak

Ministers of Culture of the Russian Federation and China are expected to visit the Annual Eastern Festival in Abu-Dhabi. The joint delegation of 40 people, incl. Ministry workers and other officials were on their way to Abu Dhabi International Airport when the region was struck with a new COVID-19 outbreak in UAE. As soon as the plane landed at the airport, more thrilling news came to light. Several flight attendants serving on the Fly Emirates board were also subjected to infection. As soon as the plane landed, the military captured all flight members and declared flying restrictions. When the delegations expressed their intention to leave the country, the UAE government refused and insisted on their detention for an indefinite time.