Top Solutions for Wheelchair Friendly Homes Australia

Ending up in a wheelchair is an unfortunate event. But life does not stop even after such a tragedy. So, we have to make ourselves determined and adjust our home, workplace, vehicle, and everything according to our limitations.

Several ways are using which we can make a house wheelchair friendly. It is quite easy to create wheelchair friendly homes Australia. Following tips will help out in avoiding costly complete design overhaul:

Home Automation System and Smart Home Device

Technology has made life easier, especially for disabled people. Because of smart home technology, they can very conveniently control all the devices of the home. Smart home devices such as automatic door openers, carbon monoxide alarms, smart hubs, voice assistants, security and monitoring systems, etc. make life much easier.

Bedroom on The First Floor

Relocation is important. Try to limit all the daily activities like sleeping, eating, bathing, etc. to the first floor only. This helps the person in the wheelchair to perform all the tasks independently.

Moving a bedroom to the first floor is also a nice idea. The wheelchair ridden person can sleep comfortably or take rest there. In the living room, one can keep a daybed to accommodate the wheelchair user.

If you want to add more space to the bedroom for wheelchair access, then push the bed against the wall. Make room for compact desks and dresses. A side table phone mount is a good way to keep the wheelchair user connected to other members in the wheelchair friendly homes Australia.

Ramp Installation

Wheelchair friendly homes Australia have special arrangements so that the wheelchair users do not feel it challenging to enter into their own house. Various types of ramps solve this purpose, such as temporary ramps, folding ramps, suitcase ramps, and permanent ramps. Permanent ramps are the best.

Changes in Bathrooms

You can replace a tub with a shower unit. A walk-in tub is another option. To make bathrooms more accessible in wheelchair friendly homes Australia, grab bars are a must. It proves to be of great help in the tub or shower and the toilet as well.

Kitchen Preparations

In wheelchair friendly homes Australia, pull out cutting boards serve as the lowered prep surface. A fridge that has a freezer beside it, not on top or below, can be of great help.

The tips mentioned above are of great help for wheelchair users and their family members.