Recent pharma happenings

Recent pharma happenings

Merck supports Peloton Therapeutics with positive kidney cancer data

Merck is revealing the data from a phase 2 study of a HIF-2α inhibitor after a year betting USD 1.05 billion on Peloton Therapeutics, and the deal is promising. 

Thermo Fisher, WuXi and Mayo Clinic to develop COVID-19 antibody test

Thermo Fisher Scientific is developing its COVID-19 antibody test through an ongoing, three-way partnership with WuXi Diagnostics and the Mayo Clinic, and slates to search for international authorizations for the test over the upcoming weeks.

Johnson & Johnson’s anti-BCMA CAR-T sweeps multiple myeloma aside

Johnson & Johnson’s BCMA-targeting CAR-T therapy cast out tumors in 86% of patients with advanced multiple myeloma in a phase 1b study.

Tafinlar-Mekinist combo of Novartis receives a boost

Tafinlar and Mekinist with experimental PD-1-blocking Spartalizumab cast out tumors in 44% of patients with advanced melanoma, as shown in phase 3 data.

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