Global Fitness Equipment Market Report From 2018 To 2025

The Fitness Equipment Market report is accurate in offering effective objectives and conclusions. This report is composed of detailed analysis for efficiently designing new strategies for marketers. The entire report is conducted with the collection of data through surveys and qualitative methodologies analyzed by an experienced analyst. In addition to this, this report contains the overall details of the market, including growth paths, market trends, opportunities, challenges, limitations, and major players of the respective market for the forecast period of 2018 to 2025. In a nutshell, the report is a reliable source to analyze and design new strategies for marketing managers.

Fitness equipment refers to all the machines and health monitoring devices which are essential to perform various physical exercises. These exercises help in improving the overall wellbeing of the individual by developing muscular strength, physical stamina and weight management. The demand for this equipment is increasing globally due to increasing health awareness among the youth. The most commonly used fitness equipment are weight lifting machines, stationary bicycles, treadmills, stair climbers, etc.

The market is segmented according to types of fitness equipment such as machines for strength training, cardiovascular training, activity monitors and body analyzers. The end-user segment for the fitness equipment market is classified into home/individual, health clubs, gyms and other commercial organizations. The major commercial segment for this market includes fitness equipment procured by hotels, corporates, hospitals, etc.

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The key drivers for this segment are the benefits of physical exercise, urbanization and rising concern and awareness of healthy living. the rise in obese population in the developed countries drives the demand of cardiovascular equipment which is specially designed for weight management. The increase in the number of gyms and health centers and member subscriptions also contribute to the demand for this segment. The rapid increase in in-house gyms and personal trainers has also increased the sales of fitness equipment.

North America is the leading consumer of the fitness equipment market and will continue its dominance during the forecast period. The Asia Pacific market is expected to grow during the forecast period due to the awareness of healthy living among the developing countries. The major companies are Precor, Nautilus, ICON Health & Fitness Inc., Brunswick Corp., Paramount, Cybex, Torque Fitness LLC, Johnson HealthTech, Impulse Health, Technogym and Fitness EM. Brunswick Corporation (Life Fitness) and Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd, have the major market share in this industry.

Table Of Contents ā€“ Overview
2.Executive Summary
3.Market Analysis
4.Fitness Equipment Market Analysis By Type
5.Fitness Equipment Market Analysis By Users
6.Fitness Equipment Market Analysis By Region
7.Competitive Landscape Of Fitness Equipment Companies
8.Company Profiles Of Fitness Equipment Industry

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