Impact of Covid-19 Outbreak on Automotive Data Logger Market Outlook

The automotive data logger is an automobile functionality enhancing system that is utilized for diverse purposes ranging between simple performance evaluation and complex development of the latest applications. Market Research Future (MRFR) has published a research report about the global automotive data logger market that measures boost for this market at 7.2% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2017 and 2023. By value, the market has been figured to be worth the US $ 3.13 bn by the end of forecast period.

The compelling factor for the global automotive data logger market is increased incorporation of technologically advanced solutions in the automotive industry for monitoring various factors of automobiles. These automobile factors include acceleration, shock, temperature, vibration, and others. Other factors contributing to the market growth include advanced electronic architecture in modern vehicles, enhanced vehicle safety features, enhanced passenger safety features, proliferation in the utilization of electric vehicles, and rise in demand for autonomous vehicle testing. However, some factors that can hinder the market growth include the high cost of data acquisition systems, lack of skilled workforce for installation, and maintenance of data loggers.

The global automotive data logger market has been segmented on the basis of application, channels, connection type, and lastly, region. The application-based segmentation segments this market into pre-sales application and post-sales application. The post-sales applications have been sub-segmented into advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) & safety, automotive insurance, fleet management, and onboard diagnostics (OBD).

Based on channels, the market has been segmented into controller Area Network (CAN) & CAN FB, Ethernet, FlexRay, and local interconnect network (LIN). By connection type, the market has been segmented into Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, secure digital (SD) card, and universal serial bus (USB).

The regional segmentation of the global automotive data logger market segments the market into the regional markets namely Europe, The Americas (North America & South America), Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa (MEA). The Americas currently holds the largest market share because North America alone has the potential to hold this share due to the established automotive industry in the USA. Status quo is expected during the forecast period. The second factor supporting the market growth in this region covers all technological innovations and their early adoption. Other factors aiding the market growth include rapid inclination witnessed towards the adoption of electric cars and the presence of key players in the significant country-specific markets. After the USA, Canada is the biggest country-specific market, followed by the remaining countries in the Americas. In South America, Argentina and Brazil are two strong economies that can be suitable markets in the future.

Europe is another highly lucrative market that during the forecast period, is expected to emerge as the fastest growing region. This region has adopted electronic architectures for automobiles. In this region, the demand for electric vehicles is rising, and many key players are based in this region. Therefore, the market is growing in this region. The vital country-specific markets in this region are France, Germany, Spain, and the UK, followed by the remaining countries of Europe.

During the forecast period, the Asia Pacific is also expected to grow as a regional market due to the high density of population, growing economies, rising disposable income, and demand for automobiles.In this region, the major country-specific markets are China, India, and Japan, followed by the remaining countries of this region. The MEA region is a small regional market due to poor countries, lack of awareness, lack of education, lack of infrastructure, and lack of technological advancement.

Key Players

The key players in the global automotive data logger market include Continental Automotive GmbH (Germany), Danlaw Technologies India Limited (India), Delphi Technologies (UK), Dewesoft d.o.o. (Slovenia), Harman International (USA), HEM Data Corporation (USA), Influx Technology (UK), Intrepid Control Systems Inc. (USA), Ipetronik GmbH & Co. KG. (Germany), MadgeTech Inc (USA), MEN Micro Inc. (USA), myCarma (Canada), National Instruments (USA), NSM Solutions (India), Racelogic (UK), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Transtron Inc. (Japan), TTTech Computertechnik AG (Austria), Vector Informatik GmbH (Germany), and Xilinx (USA).

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic disruption is estimated to transform the XX market in the years to come drastically, and its after-effects will be persistently seen in the years ahead. The MRFR report on the XX market meticulously tracks the COVID-19 pandemic effect for the years ahead. Moreover, the precise analysis of drivers and restraints in a post-COVID-19 market offers a coherent understanding of future growth cues.

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