1-888-570-9791 How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account

When you are not interested to use your Yahoo Mail account anymore, you can actually delete it for future. This is perfectly fine that if the account of no use can be easily deleted from Yahoo; because you don’t want to let it get in wrong hands and of course, your contacts might send some important emails on it. This could be a trouble for you and you might miss any of such important communication.

Well, in order to delete Yahoo mail account easily you need to follow the account termination guidelines and then raise a request to delete your account. The account termination is a complete process to delete your account, which requires the verification of ownership and then the process to completely delete the account. This will require at least 40 days deleting it completely; during this period, if you sign in then the account termination will be canceled and your account will be activated once again.

We have this quick guide for you to learn and delete Yahoo account with help of this step by step guide. This is easy if you follow the guide carefully.

Steps to Delete Yahoo Mail account:

  • Start with signing in to the Yahoo account termination page or follow the link https://login.yahoo.com/account/delete-user with your Yahoo ID and password
  • And then read the info on terminating your account carefully
  • Now, click on Continue button
  • Here, you need to verify your identity and then click on Yes, terminate this account to proceed it take it
  • Now, your request will take a minimum of 40 days to get the account delete completely
  • Meanwhile, any case if ever feel like to get your Yahoo Mail account back then you can do it by just signing in once again

The moment you raise deletion request will be submitted, it will be closely observed by Yahoo technical team. Once they will be sure about things, then it will be deleted completely. It will take minimum 40 days to delete all contents and messages from your account. You just need to wait and get it done.

Here, we always recommend you to get the back up of all email, messages, attachments, and contacts before deleting your Yahoo Mail account. Once the account will be deleted permanently, then you can’t get those messages back; so always keep back up with your important messages.

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