Ayurvedic Elements To Be Added With A Diabetic Diet Plan

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the common health disorders but can be highly problematic to the person suffering from it. The type-2 diabetes is caused by a pair of defects, the inability to produce sufficient insulin, and the resistance towards insulin. Since the body with type-2 diabetes is sensitive, it should not face any side effects of medicines or chemicals. Thus, Ayurveda is the best remedy for treating diabetes mellitus. Often the ayurvedic diabetic diet planis recommended by the experts. Certain ayurvedic elements that can be paired with the Indian diabetic diet chartto reduce the effect of diabetes on the body and witness sustainable results. But, first, let's have a look at the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.


●       Consistent hunger and thirst

●       Possibility of anemia

●       Wounds take more time than usual to heal

●       Vision becomes blurry

●       A sweet taste prevails in the mouth

●       Loss of weight

●       Exhaustion is quick

●       Urination is frequent and UTIs also occur

●       Regular Constipation

●       Unpleasant Body Odour

●       Palpitation

●       Itching in the body usually around the genital organs

The ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

●       Neem

You should consume a tablespoon of Neem powder for approximately three months to see sustainable results. It should be taken in the morning and consuming 8-10 leaves will also work the same as the Neem Powder.

●       Gurmar

This is famously known as the ‘sugar destroyer’ because once you chew this you will be unable to taste the sweetness of the food and it also reduces your craving to eat something sweet. The reason why it is recommended along with a diabetic meal plan is that it can increase the beta cells which are known to be insulin-secreting, in the pancreas that brings down the blood sugar level to normal.

●       Karela

One of the most beneficial natural remedies for diabetes is Karela. You can drink approximately 50-70 ml of Karela juice to balance the insulin level and the charantin present in it also balances the blood sugar levels. Karela juice can also be paired with Amla juice and should be added in the Indian diabetic diet chart to see the best results.

●       Vijaysar

You can use a tumbler or glass that is made out of the vijaysar wood, fill it with water, and let the water take up the essence of the vijaysar wood. And, you can have this water along with the foods from diabetic diet plan to balance the blood sugar levels. The tumblers are easily available and work well for 45 days after which you should replace it with a new one.

●       Cinnamon

This particular spice should be added in your foods from the diabetic diet chart and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder should be consumed daily to reduce the insulin resistance. Use it in your tea or dust some on your apple for breakfast.

●       Bael

What you can do with Bael is make an antidiabetic paste with neem, bael, and tulsi leaves in 5 nos each. You can consume it every morning on an empty stomach to get sustainable results.