Want To Make A Chalkboard At Home? Here’s What You Need To Do

Are you thinking about home educating your children or are you a teacher wanting to impart quality education to your students via online video classes? If yes then you must be well equipped to start upon your mission. So if you are wondering what are the things you will need it’s quite a small list. A good camera, possibly one from your phone or laptop, a white chalkboard wall sticker and some good chalk markers. However, you may not want to buy a chalkboard, so if you want to try making a DIY chalkboard at home, here what you need to do:

1.      Gather the materials needed

Before starting off with the chalkboard creation process you should be well equipped with everything that you might need in order to make the chalkboard. Now first you should decide if you actually want to go through the process of making the chalkboard using cement and other materials or you want to use something that is easier and handier. You can use a Chalkboard Wall Sticker if you want to make it easily, without much labor.

So other than the sticker you will need strong adhesive or screws, drilling machine, plywood or strong cardboard, pencil and some chalkboard markers. You can buy them at once from popular stationery online stores for huge discounts and fastest delivery at your doorstep.

2.      Make a frame

The next thing that you need to do is to decide how big you want your chalkboard to be. Depending upon that size you should be able to choose your frame. In any kind of board, a frame is important as it provides external strength to the board. You should also choose a base for the board, and if your board size is best you should go for plywood and similar materials. You will have to precisely cut out a base by measuring it out with the dry erase chalkboard. Then accordingly you can cut out the frame and start fixing it using screws or adhesives.

3.      Attach the parts

Once you are done with the base and the frame you can move on to the next part. But before that you need to make sure that the frame is firm and the base is strong. If they are not strong and firm the chalkboard will come apart after using for a few days. However, once you have assured its strength, you can start attaching the chalkboard sticker.

You need to be careful with the edges, so if they don’t fit within the frame you can use a sharp stationery knife to cut out the edges. If you are using chalkboard cement or chalkboard paint then the process is completely different because you will have to wait till the cement or the paint dries off.

After you have successfully attached the chalkboard sticker to the frame let it dry for an hour. You can start experimenting with some good quality chalkboard markers to check how efficient your board is. You may also try out DIY Whiteboard using whiteboard stickers because the procedure is exactly the same.