Ready Meal Trays Market Upcoming Trends and Key Growth Factors during 2019 to 2027

The ready meal trays market continues to showcase stunning prospects, with overall incremental opportunity of over US$ 1.7 Billion by 2027 from 2019, according to a recent FactMR study. Growth in consumption of packaged food products across both developed as well as developing countries is anticipated to increase the demand for ready meal trays during the forecast period. Ready meal trays are increasingly used by food processors and fast service restaurants to satisfy their packaging demands. Fast food service providers and caterers are showing a strong preference for ready meal trays in lieu of expensive glass crockery owing to the cost savings which they would otherwise incur on human resources for time consuming cleaning and breakages.

The rapid growth in urbanization and the fast paced lifestyle is shifting preferences of consumers towards food products which can be delivered, stored and consumed through ready meal trays. Increase in demand for convenient-to-carry packaging solutions for different food products based on functionality such as kosher, medicinal, organic and seasonal is also boosting the global ready meal trays market.

In the market for ready meal trays, manufacturers are developing trays, taking into account the type of meal and the number of items served. In the industry, ready meal trays are being sold by considering the tray compartments, food it will contain, recyclability and “ovenable” features. Regular ready meal trays are being designed to take into account the type of meal with superior features such as added lids, double cavity trays and excellent sealing properties made from high quality polypropylene (PP) sheets.

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The Rise of Small Eateries through Mobile Applications Are Propelling the Growth of the Market

The study by FactMR opines that the worldwide market for ready meal trays is anticipated to be driven primarily by an increase in the ready-to-eat consumption trend. The growing single person household numbers has resulted in a substantial shift in patterns of food consumption, with more customers preferring ready to eat meals and on-the-go food. According to a recent autonomous research by FactMR, more than seven out of ten customers, living in Europe have food which comes in ready meal trays. The particular trend is anticipated to continue on a much bigger geographical scale, as customers in developing nations are also catching up on the usefulness of ready meal trays with contained freshness and easy-to-eat features.