Antacids Market Growth Strategies and Competition Background through 2020 to 2025

Sedentary modern lifestyle has given rise to unhealthy food habits that increase the intake of medicines. One of the major health conditions that increases medicine intake is high blood pressure which increases the acid level in the stomach. Antacids are required to deal with the increased acidity levels. Manufacturers in the global antacids market are focused to develop drug formulations that are customer centric i.e. they are easy to consume. Chewable and flavored medicines are preferred by the consumers for their ease of consumption by any age group and at any instant of time.

Fact.MR report predicts the global antacids market to amount US$19Bn by the end of the year 2025. Easy regulations for over the counter available antacids increase penetration of these antacids in market. Various distribution channels including retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and convenience stores are engaged in sale of antacids. Manufacturers are constantly developing more efficient antacids to create their unique image in market.

Important regions covered in the antacids market report include:

  • North America (Canada, US)
  • Latin America (Argentina, Mexico)
  • Europe (NORDIC, UK)
  • Japan and MEA
  • APEJ (China, India)

Proton Pump Inhibitors Are Common Antacids

Proton pump inhibitors are the standard antacids that are used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease. However, these drugs are only advice to be used for a short time as prolonged consumption can adversely impact various body parts including kidney. It also has the potential to inhibit vitamin B12 absorption. Consumption of proton pump inhibitors in high dosage for long time increases risk of various health conditions including hip and spine fractures. Awareness regarding these side effects is increasing which is expected to increase production of various components like H2 Antagonist and neutralizers for acids. Both of these are gaining grounds in antacids market as proton pump inhibitor substitute.

Consumers are getting inclined towards natural therapeutics to reduce the side effects of antibiotics. Ayurveda and Chinese treatments have surfaced as great natural therapeutics options. The major factor behind popularity of these alternative treatments is use of house hold ingredients that are cost effective. This growing preference for natural therapeutics is anticipated to inhibit the market growth of global antacids market.

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Gummies Format Is New In Market

Antacids are also getting popular for their convenience. Tablet format is sought after by the customers and its sale is projected to be US$13Bn by the end of year 2025. GERD patients are the primary customers of tablet antacids and they prefer this form for its benefits like administered dosage, easy consumption and convenience of storage. Manufacturers are introducing tablet formats for leading drug classes. The other formats include melt in mouth and gummies that are gaining rapid traction. They formulations are forecasted to grow at ̴5% CAGR during the forecasts period.