Earwax Removal Aid Market to Witness Elevated Growth during the Assessment Period, 2019-2029

The healthcare industry is consistently witnessing an uplift in the number of ENT surgeries every year, globally, due to rising prevalence of ENT-related disorder. Around 3-5% of ear disorders is because of earwax impaction. It is also due to the adoption of improper treatment method with self-analysis by the individual with earwax impaction. The traditional practices increase the disease morbidity, and at a certain point, it requires urgent medical attention. This is the major factor responsible for the growth of the earwax removal aid market.

Adult Age Group Remains the Target Population for Manufacturers

Use of earwax removal kits among adults are likely to grow in the coming years, as carelessness, and negligence of cerumen impaction symptoms along with high adoption of self-diagnosis treatment continue to increase the risk of infection, affecting the ear-health adversely. This has led to high usage of earwax removal aid among this age group. Earwax removal aids are the medical tools used to remove earwax caused due to excessive formation of cerumen. The earwax removal aid includes micro-suction device, earwax removal irrigation kits, earwax removal drops, earwax removal loops, earwax removal syringes, and portable ear cleaning devices.

Increasing Awareness in Social Media to Upsurge Treatment-seeking Population

Social media plays a vital role in raising awareness regarding ear-health among large number of population. With the significant development of digital platforms, a majority of the population have a YouTube channel or an Instagram account, thereby making it easy to raise awareness among wide range of population. Many people have uploaded their videos of going through an earwax removal process on YouTube and Instagram, which has millions of viewers. This trend of the social media platform has upsurge the awareness, and in turn, increased the treatment-seeking population.

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Product Sales through Online Platforms to Boost the Market Growth

Sale of products through online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and others are gaining momentum among manufacturers, and are expected to drive the demand for earwax removal aid devices. Also, costs of the earwax removal aids are very economical and many generic products are available in the earwax removal aids market. Moreover, the average selling price of the earwax removal aids is expected to decrease in the forecast period.